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  • Millennial Chronicler

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Personal Trivia:

  • Kay Reindl undertook a total of 26 roles on the Millennium television series.

Awards Won for Millennium:

  • Unfortunately Kay Reindl didn't win any awards for Millennium.

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  • Sadly Kay Reindl didn't receive any award nominations for Millennium.

Kay Reindl's Millennium Crew Profile

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Kay Reindl and partner Erin Maher are talented writing partners who work in TV. They have a unique, consistent and strong voice which they used since 1997 on shows like the dark paranormal dramas "Millennium" and "Haunted". They have also been involved in the "Twilight Zone" revival of 2002, "The Dead Zone", the critically acclaimed "Moonlight" and the syndicated series "Legend of the seeker".

Profile courtesy of The Voice of Erin Maher & Kay Reindl - Facebook.

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Millennium Cast, Character or Crew Credit:

Kay Reindl was a member of the Millennium crew.

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Related Comments/Information:

Kay Reindl and writing partner Erin Maher were sadly not invited to take part in the Millennium DVD Commentaries and Special Features.

However, on Kay's blog she posted the following thoughts...

Anonymous sez:

The comments about the CBS template made me think of the supplementary materials on the "Millennium Season Two" DVDs. Specifically, how everyone seems all bent out of shape over Morgan and Wong's direction for the show robbing it of the chance of becoming CSI before CSI. At least that's how I interpreted it. Good grief.

Kay: You never get credit for being ahead of the curve. Ever. And for my money, Millennium was much more intriguing as an esoteric secret history show than it would be as a precursor to CSI. Because there were already precursors to CSI. Quincy, anyone?

Millennium Credits:

Kay Reindl undertook 26 role/s whilst working on the Millennium television series:

MLM#-205  A Single Blade of Grass as Writer

MLM#-211  Midnight of the Century as Writer

MLM#-219  Anamnesis as Writer

MLM#-301  The Innocents as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-302  Exegesis as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-303  TEOTWAWKI as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-304  Closure as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-305  ...Thirteen Years Later as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-306  Skull and Bones as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-307  Through A Glass Darkly as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-308  Omerta as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-309  Human Essence as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-310  Borrowed Time as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-311  Collateral Damage as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-312  The Sound of Snow as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-313  Antipas as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-314  Matryoshka as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-314  Matryoshka as Writer

MLM#-315  Forcing the End as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-316  Saturn Dreaming of Mercury as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-318  Darwin's Eye as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-317  Bardo Thodol as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-319  Seven and One as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-320  Nostalgia as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-321  Via Dolorosa as Executive Story Editor

MLM#-322  Goodbye To All That as Executive Story Editor