Millennium's Main Characters

The main characters from Chris Carter's Millennium television series are presented below with mini-profiles or character summaries. You can click on their names or the actor/actress names to access full details in their respective Character and Cast Profiles.

The Millennium Group

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Millennium Character Profiles


Popular Millennium Profiles

Millennium profile image.

Frank Black

Portrayed by: 

Lance Henriksen

Mini Profile:

Born 12 July 1947 to Henry and Linda Black, Frank Black has a unique and disturbing ability which can take him inside the mind of a killer. His gift is also his curse. As an FBI agent specializing in hunting down serial killers, Black was one of the Bureau's most effective detectives. Yet his immersion into the vilest recesses of the human soul took him too close to the edge. A loving husband and father, Frank could no longer allow the shadow of evil come between him and his family. He left the FBI and settled in Seattle with his wife and young daughter. Frank however, couldn't leave the horror behind. As the millennium approaches, so will the ultimate battle between good and evil as foretold by ancient prophecies. Frank is recruited by the Millennium Group, an underground organization dedicated to battling the forces of darkness.

Frank Black appeared in 66 episodes of the Millennium TV Series.

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Millennium profile image.

Catherine Black

Portrayed by: 

Megan Gallagher

Mini Profile:

A devoted mother to Jordan (Brittany Tiplady), Catherine Black was also a clinical social worker who counselled crime victims. This profession compelled her to confront many of the same dark forces as Frank. Yet Catherine knew she must never show any fear, no matter how appalling the evil. For if she did, Frank would ignore his mission, and dedicate himself to protecting his family. Catherine was willing to sacrifice her own peace of mind - and in the end even her safety - for the safety of us all. She was infected with a deadly virus that is mysteriously connected to the Millennium Group. Offered a vaccine for the virus she refused, insisting it be used to protect her daughter instead.

Catherine Black appeared in 46 episodes of the Millennium TV Series.

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Millennium profile image.

Jordan Black

Portrayed by: 

Brittany Tiplady

Mini Profile:

Jordan, daughter of Frank and Catherine, represents the light in the dark world that Frank works. She is what's good - and why Frank must catch the "bad man" to protect her. Jordan must eventually come to terms with a terrible loss, while learning to deal with her own mysterious gift - one that offers her visions into the dark world that her father investigates.

Jordan Black appeared in 39 episodes of the Millennium TV Series.

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Millennium profile image.

Special Agent Emma Hollis

Portrayed by: 

Klea Scott

Mini Profile:

Emma Hollis is a young FBI agent that Frank has been paired up with as he returned to the FBI in Millennium's Season Three. Emma is very much aware of Frank's reputation and eager to prove her worth as an investigator. Intrigued by Frank's abilities as an investigator she strives to learn as much from him as she can, while Frank also learns to recognize her own strengths as an FBI agent.

The respected, independent, ambitious young Bureau Agent formed a close relationship with Frank Black -- and then turned her back on him to join the Millennium Group, which had agreed to cure her father of Alzheimer's.

Special Agent Emma Hollis appeared in 22 episodes of the Millennium TV Series.

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