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Chris Carter's Millennium TV Series was created by over 900 Cast and Crew Members throughout its three year, sixty seven episode run. This section of our Millennium Episode and Credits Guide will allow you to view and download additional miscellaneous information to accompany the series such as which episode, cast or crew won or were nominated for awards, Reviews and Articles from fellow Millennium fans, Media and Press Reviews and the different Episode Titles the series had when broadcast in other countries such as France and Germany.

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Millennium Fact:

Did you know that throughout Millennium's entire 67 episodes there were a total of 661 Cast Members and 242 Crew Members.

In total it took 903 credited people and companies to make all three seasons of Millennium.


Random Millennium Image Slideshow

Refresh this page for more random images from each season of Chris Carter's Millennium television series.

Once loaded and if you have Javascript enabled (most browsers do), you can click on the Millennium polaroid images to view them full size in a controllable slideshow. Simply move your pointer to the left or right of each full size image to move between them.

Why is the first image smaller than the others? The first image is from season one of Millennium which was not filmed in widescreen, unlike seasons two and three.

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A random Millennium image from the first season episode Paper Dove.
A random Millennium image from the second season episode Roosters.
A random Millennium image from the third season episode Bardo Thodol.