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Millennium Theme Music nokia ring tone

Millennium mobile phone downloads.Phone ring tone facilities have improved over the years, with the latest models playing back MP3 audio files. However back in the day, if you had a Nokia mobile phone you could insert the following Millennium Ring Tone into the phone's Nokia Composer facility.

This content is included for posterity, if you are looking for a version of the ringtone for a modern smartphone, just use an .mp3 version of the Millennium theme and set it according to your phone's instructions.

The ring tone below was taken from the Millennium Midi file and converted using the online utility available at (this site has since disappeared). Whilst the midi file contains several instruments, Nokia phones such as the original 3310 model were unable to play polyphonic ring tones, therefore the Violin instrument was used to compose the ring tone as follows...


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Millennium Theme by Mark Snow (Nokia Ring Tone Format)

Tempo=60 4g2 16#f2 2d2 16e2 2.b2 16- 16b2 8.d3 2.e3 16#f3 8.e3 16b2 2.a2 4b2 2a2 4.d2 8e2 16#f2 2.a2 16- 16a2 8.b2 4.a2

8#f2 16#g2 2#c2 16b1 2.#c2 16b1 8.d2 2e2 4.g2 8#f2 16g2 2a2 2b2 1b2

Keys that should be pushed to program the ring tone on the Nokia Composer facility:

5*; 488#; 2999; 3888; 7(hold-down) 999; 0888; 7888; 2(hold-down) 9*; 3(hold-down) 99; 4888#; 3(hold-down) 9; 78**; 6(hold-down) 999; 78; 69; 2(hold-down) 8; 38; 48#; 6(hold-down) 999; 0888; 6888; 7(hold-down) 9; 6(hold-down) 9; 48#; 58#; 1999#; 7888**; 1(hold-down) 999*#; 7888**; 2(hold-down) 9*; 399; 5(hold-down) 8; 48#; 58; 6999; 7; 79;

Tempo=70 BPM

*NB: The ";" character is just a separator for reasons of displaying the key presses on this web page in a more readable format. There is no need to enter this into your phone!

Translation of the Ring tone to Nokia RTTL format:

Music:d=4,o=5,b=60:g,16f#,2d,16e,2b.,16p,16b,8d.6,2e.6,16f#6,8e.6,16b,2a.,b,2a, 4d.,8e,16f#,2a.,16p,16a,8b.,4a.,8f#,16g#,2c#,16b4,2c#.,16b4,8d.,2e,4g., 8f#,16g,2a,2b,1b

MIDI Format:

You can download the Millennium Theme Music in Midi Format below, the file size is 3KB.

Download button.

Many thanks to "Takeshi" and
Millennium Theme Music Composed by Mark Snow.
"MILLENNIUM", and all related characters are © Copyright, 1013 Productions & 20th Century Fox Television.