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Millennium Screensavers

Presented below is our entire collection of Millennium themed screensavers. Each listing contains a link to the Downloads Manager located within our Message Board Forums, where you can download each file. Registered forum members can also rate, comment and discuss the downloads.


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Millennium screensavers

The copyright for these files remains with the person/s who created them, therefore Millennium - This is who we takes no credit for their design, only for the files created by ourselves.


A note about these Millennium screensavers

Please understand that some of the Millennium screensavers in this collection are now quite old and most are no longer compatible with later operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Where possible we will point this out. If you have any Millennium related Mac OS software, please let us know for the benefit of others.

Disclaimer - Take care when installing and using these files as we can take no responsibility for damage to your system.

Similarly we cannot guarantee technical assistance but will try to assist where possible.

All files have been tested and checked for Marburg Virus and other known virus like infections and bio-organisms before being published!


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Millennium screensaver Index

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Millennium Ouroboros Screensaver

MillenniuM Ouroboros Screensaver

The first Millennium screensaver produced by myself (Graham), for Millennium Desktop UK (MDUK). Designed using Flash, the 'Millennium Ouroboros Screensaver' features Frank Black's classic Millennium Group Computer Network Log-In Screen but with an anti-clockwise rotating Ouroboros and various messages. The countdown is static in this version.

Official 1996 Fox Millennium Screen Saver

Official 1996 Fox Millennium Screensaver

This Millennium screensaver was released on the now long since disappeared 1996 official Fox Millennium website. It is now a victim of it's own age but is presented here for posterity. The screensaver flashes the words Wait, Worry and displays the Millennium logo. It also contains the terrifying screeching sound of Frank's visions.

Millennium Collections Millennium Quotes Screen Saver

Millennium Collections Millennium Quotes Screensaver

Matt Bunch's lovely screensaver using Flash technology. Probably the best ever screensaver produced to accompany the series, it encompasses the opening quotations and proverbs from each episode together with a corresponding screen-shot. A must download! Congratulations Matt!

Mr Lott's Screen Saver from Dark Millennium

Mr Lott's Screensaver from Dark Millennium

Another excellent, must download Millennium screensaver. This time featuring the wonderful soliloquy from Season Two's finale episode, The Time Is Now. Spoken by Mr Lott, he reveals to Frank Black that the Group is uninterested in any single individual life, but feels its responsibility lies with the whole of mankind.

Millennium Collections Spinning Ouroboros Screen Saver

Millennium Collections Spinning Ouroboros Screensaver

Matt Bunch created this screensaver which is based upon the fabled Spinning Ouroboros.

Paulo's Spinning Ouroborous Screen Saver

Paulo's Spinning Ouroborous Screensaver

The original spinning Ouroboros? Thanks for sending it in Paulo!

John Walkers Ouroborous Countdown Screen Saver

John Walkers Ouroborous Countdown Screensaver

This Millennium screensaver was inspired by the countdown to the year 2000 (customisable!) which graces computer screens of members of the shadowy Millennium Group in Chris Carter's supernatural thriller Millennium. Within the Ouroboros is a countdown of the time remaining until the Millennium which you can define. The image shifts its position on the screen every 10 minutes to avoid burning the phosphor in any given location. This screen-saver allows you to insert the Millennium Signature Theme and it also chimes on the hour.

John Walkers Ouroborous Countdown Screen Saver

Jack Burns 3D Ouroboros Screensaver

Jack Burns sent this beautiful spinning Millennium Ouroboros screensaver in on 16.01.02. I particularly like this one as it depicts the Ouroboros rotating on it's vertical plane (I think I got that right!). The Ouroboros is in the form of an .AVI file which you can view independently. Download the AVI Screen Saver Player, then the Ouroboros .AVI file. You can also view the .AVI file in Windows Media Player in Full Screen Mode. Thank you Jack for sending this in.

Currently unavailable:

Millennium Opening Credits Video Screen Saver

MDUK Millennium Opening Credits Video Screensaver - (Now obsolete)

This Millennium screensaver was the second I have produced for MDUK. It displayed the opening Millennium Season Two Credits complete with Millennium theme music. As it only worked with Windows Media Player 9 due to a bug in the Microsoft Power Toy, it has now been removed. I will attempt to make a new version one day.