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Millennium Cast and Crew Video Interviews

Millennium Cast and Crew interviews.

'Digitally cleaned' and presented in Windows Media 8 format for viewing on or off line, these interviews were recorded during 1996 whilst on location filming Millennium. They provide an invaluable look at how the then new Millennium Actors perceived their roles and their expectations for the show.

Look out too for events in the background behind the actors and see if you can spot any other cast or crew! These video interviews were also included on the UK VHS Video release of Millennium.


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Millennium Interviews

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Millennium Cast and Crew Video Interviews

Millennium creator and executive producer Chris Carter.

Chris Carter - Creator, Producer, Writer and Director of Millennium

Chris provides an insight into the character of Frank Black and the Group, his own research into Criminal Profiling, how he tried to convince Lance to work on The X-Files and way Frank was created with Lance Henriksen in mind before the shows production.

DownloadSize: 14.5MB Length: 5.46 Minutes - Full Transcript Available

Millennium lead actor Lance Henriksen.

Lance Henriksen - Millennium's Frank Black

Lance Henriksen talks about the role of Frank Black, and how he perceives the Millennium Group to function.

DownloadSize: 5.20MB Length: 2.04 Minutes

Millennium co-star actor Megan Gallagher.

Megan Gallagher - Millennium's Catherine Black

Megan Gallagher discusses her role as a Clinical Social Worker and how she found some of the Pilot's images as terrifying.

DownloadSize: 3.09MB Length: 1.15 Minutes

Millennium actor Brittany Tiplady.

Brittany Tiplady - Millennium's Jordan Black

The talented Brittany Tiplady, aged 6 at the time, touches on her appreciation of working with Lance Henriksen and how quite rightly, she is only allowed to view her own non-scary scenes.

DownloadSize: 1.37MB Length: 37 Seconds

Millennium actor Terry O\'Quinn.

Terry O'Quinn - Millennium's Peter Watts

Terry provides an insight into the Millennium Group and speculates as to it's organisation.

DownloadSize: 2.58MB Length: 1.02 Minutes

Millennium actor Bill Smitrovich.

Bill Smitrovich - Millennium's Lt. Bob Bletcher

Bill who chose to leave Millennium early in Season One was one of the most popular characters. Here Bill explains the background of his role.

DownloadSize: 3.60MB Length: 1.27 Minutes

Millennium actor Lindsay Crouse.

Lindsay Crouse - Millennium's Ardis Cohen

Lindsay discusses her Millennium Group Character and what she assumes will be her 'Gift'. Linday's character Adris Cohen however popular with the show's fans, would only make one appearence throughout Millennium's three seasons.

DownloadSize: 2.82MB Length: 1.08 Minutes