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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that may answer any questions you may have regarding this website. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to help.


Welcome Frank.
There are 135 days remaining.

It's been 21 years since Millennium premiered on Oct 25th 1996!


Special thanks is extended to the many fans who have contributed trivia, background and biblical references contained in our Millennium Episode and Credits Guide.

My personal thanks and eternal gratitude to Libby for her hard work, dedication and patience both as community forum co-admin and in many other areas of the site including transcribing the opening and closing episode credits, locations and episode transcripts plus much more.

We are sincerely grateful for all contributions and for making sure that the respective efforts, talent and creativity of Millennium's writers, producers, cast and crew continues to survive.

In particular I would like to thank The Millennial Abyss, Wikipedia and its contributors, TIWWA Contributors including Viivi, Chrisnu, ethsnafu, Alex (Sadeyes), Betweenthelines, Steve (MillenniumIsBliss), Joe McBrayer, Mark (4th Horseman), ZeusFaber, Maria Vitale, our friends at This is Who We Are (our community forums) and the many individuals who have supplied many useful message posts, trivia, and caveats which we have gathered here.

This is who we are.

Graham (The Old Man)


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What is Millennium?

Millennium is a gripping American television series, produced by Chris Carter (creator of The X-Files), and was set during the years leading up to the dawn of the new 21st century millennium. The series was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, though most episodes were set in or around Seattle, Washington. The show first aired from 1996 to 1999 on the Fox Network. It is now available to buy on DVD.

Actor Lance Henriksen brought to life criminal investigator Frank Black, a freelance forensic profiler and former FBI agent with a unique ability to see the world 'almost' through the eyes of the serial killers and murderers he pursued. He was not originally intended to be psychic but finely attuned through his skills and experience. Frank Black investigated horrific crimes and worked with the mysterious Millennium Group, made up of a diverse mixture of personnel, drawn from ex-law enforcement and religious backgrounds. The organization dates back to ancient times, and grew out of a millenniallist Christian sect which eventually fused with a secret group founded within the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Whilst the series started out as a crime investigation series, it later became more supernatural in an effort to maintain ratings and further the story telling.

The symbol for the Millennium Group is a version of the ancient Ouroborus symbol, a snake biting its own tail.

You can learn more about Millennium in our Millennium Series Introduction and Millennium Episode, Credits and Music Guide.

Is Millennium available on DVD?

Yes, it was finally released on standard DVD format after a long time during 2004. See our Millennium DVD Guide for full details. Millennium was first officially released on limited season one copies on VHS video tape in the UK and on Laserdisc in full in Japan (in English but with Japanese subtitles) and in part in the USA, where I understand only the first disc was available for a limited time.

Is Millennium also available in high-definition 1080p HD or 4K Streaming/Blu-Ray?

Not at this time, but one may dream! The first season was shown in 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio (Full Frame 4:3), only the second and third seasons were filmed in wide-screen. This isn't an obstuction in itself. Millenium on DVD looks really good upscaled to 1080p!

Is the soundtrack of Millennium available to buy?

Yes. In December 2008, LaLaLand Records released a limited edition 2-CD set of Millennium's music, the first 500 copies were signed by composer Mark Snow. For full details and pictures see our Millennium Limited Edition Soundtrack Guide.

A second official, limited edition soundtrack was released in 2015 by LaLaLand Records, entitled 'Millennium Volume Two' which comprised of another 2 CD set, a limited edition release of 2000 units.

The Best of Millennium Soundtrack by Mark Snow was previously available to buy online (for download only) at the USA based version of iTunes. It was also available on some dubious Russian online music stores which may or may not be legal. There was also a suspected bootleg Millennium Season One (and rumored Season Two) Promo Soundtrack which had been shared by some members of the fan community.

You can learn more about the music of Millennium in our Millennium Music Guide. Or visit our information page on The Best of Millennium Soundtrack by Mark Snow.

Will there be a Millennium feature-length movie?

There are still no confirmed plans by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, it is increasingly unlikely especially given the long delay in releasing a second X-Files Movie which has a much larger and more successfull franchise, but perhaps we should never entirely give up hope. X-Files fans, many of whom are also fans of Millennium, have been rewarded with a two feature films and a reprisal of the series in 2016 which prompted speculation that Millennium may return in more than soley comic book format.

Several Millennium lead actors and crew members have expressed, on more than one occasion, a strong desire and pledged their support for a feature length film of Millennium. It is far more likely that any release would be straight to DVD or a TV movie, but any developments will be posted in our news section and this question updated. Also, please view our Millennium Movie FAQ page.

What is Millennium - This is who are are?

Millennium - This is who are are is a fan website owned by UK-based Graham P. Smith, originally created in February 2001 as Millennium Desktop UK and then later re-branded in September 2007. The site is dedicated to Chris Carter's Millennium tv series. It exists to promote the Millennium series together with the hard work and talent of the show's creators, Ten Thirteen Productions and the show's cast and crew.

M-TIWWA aims to keep you up to date with increasingly rare news relating to the show, also its cast and crew and to provide you with the very best Millennium related downloads to enhance your computers and devices. The full name of the site is a bit of a mouthful, so you'll often see it abbreviated as M-TIWWA.

Explain the new name of the website and why it took so long to make!

Simple, its called Millennium - This is who we are because the site is 100% dedicated to Chris Carter's Millennium tv series. 'This is who we are' was a phrase used in the show which also reflects the inclusion of our popular integrated message board-based forum community. The site was developed in our spare time and holidays, taking about 2 and a half years to make.

Who runs M-TIWWA?

Some content looks familiar to Millennium Desktop UK?

M-TIWWA is a much more modern, web-standards based replacement for our previous website, Millennium Desktop UK which was created in February 2001. Its much more than a makeover with a new name, there is a lot more content with more to come. However, you will find all of the useful information from the old site including its news archive but easier to find and search.

What is This Is Who We Are (TIWWA)?

This Is Who We Are, which can be found directly at is a Millennium Message Board or Forum created in 2002. It forms the ultimate Millennium discussion resource, a central nexus of information in a secure and pop-up free location and is a successful community in which Millennium fans can discuss the show and its cast and crew.

TIWWA as it is known is hosted on M-TIWWA's web space and is the site's official forum. It has been a huge success and is now the largest Millennium fan community online. It is run by Graham and Libby from the UK with the kind assistance of a team of hand picked international volunteer staff Moderators.

Who contributes to the website?

We maintain a list of the main contributors whose assistance and support is much appreciated. Included are other Millennium fan site owners, members of message board community and the wonderful contributors of the Millennium FAQ and at Wikipedia.

Which language is the site coded in?

M-TIWWA is a dynamic MySQL database driven website, originally coded in web standards compatible XHTML and later HTML5 code, jQuery, Javascript, CSS, PHP and XML. In 2016, due to increasing functionality and traffic, we moved to a cloud-based VPS server with 48 available CPU's, 4GB of available memory and SSD storage. A custom made Content Management System (CMS) was built from the ground up for M-TIWWA giving the flexibility to upgrade and improve when required.

What size screen is this site designed for?

M-TIWWA has a fluid, responsive design layout so it will make the best use of your display, the larger the better. There is a lot of information on some of our pages which benefits from a larger size display. Our website is now fully responsive and designed for mobile 'first' due to continuous love, coffee and improvement.

What are the site's browser requirements to view it correctly?

This site was designed from the ground up according to web standards with accessibility in mind at all times. From 2017, we now use Normalize to reset all CSS elements first for best cross browser support. The site looks best in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome which properly support web standards, however it is regulary tested in Internet Explorer and Edge.

Does the site need Javascript enabled on my device?

Millennium - This is who we are uses modern javascript and AJAX technology in several places to provide extra functionality. Today, all modern web browsers on various devices are Javascript enabled by default.

This website also makes use of the excellent Slimbox2 and JQuery JavaScript frameworks. From 2017, we now use and back the amazing Font Awesome icons too.

We believe use of Javascript Ajax technology should be subtle and always backwards compatible, so that users who do not have Javascript enabled can still access the information on this website.

Do I need Flash installed on my Computer to view your site?

No! We have now replaced Flash video content and with modern, safe and responsive HTML 5 video, design and functionality.

What is the date of your countdown? / What is the number of days remaining?

Our countdown which appears throughout this website and its features and downloads, is in tribute to the second and third seasons of Millennium which often featured the number of days remaining until the 'apocalypse' or next millennium. This was displayed when a Millennium Group member accessed the Millennium Group's computer network. The date which our days remaining count is currently counting down to, has changed a number of times. In the past as the date of the actual Millennium had expired, we then used to count down to the various DVD release dates of Millennium. One of our TIWWA forum members later suggested the fabled 2012 Doomsday date. Our countdown now automatically resets every New Year's Day and counts down to the end of the current year.

If you like your own countdown, you may like to make use of our Millennium Group homepage, or our Millennium Countdown gadget pack for Windows 7, 8 and 10.