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Chris Carter's Millennium television series, despite lasting three short but incredible years, contains a staggering wealth of facts, information, trivia and references. Produced by one of the most talented and creative teams ever assembled including over 900 cast and crew in total, it is essential that as much information regarding this wonderful piece of artistic television should be preserved and made accessible for all fans past, present and future to access and enjoy. Besides general information pages, we currently have individual profiles for all 661 Cast, 242 Crew Members and 787 Characters plus separate Transcript, Images, Credits, Synopses and Summary pages for each of the 67 episodes of Millennium. This is not an easy task but we aim for this episode guide to be one of the most complete resources available and to complement the existing Official Millennium FAQ.

Our Episode and Credits Guide provides complete Millennium episode information, credited and uncredited Cast and Crew listing entries and reference material together with fact filled trivia, background references and extended credits information. Hundreds of episode stills are available together with downloadable episode trailers and much more. You can also read and supply your own episode reviews to share with other fans.

Some Millennium fans may prefer to view episode lists and information in the order that Ten Thirteen Productions created them or intended them to air. As you may be aware some episodes were also broadcast out of production order for various reasons detailed and explained in the episode guide. The majority of Millennium fans will however be more familiar with the original televised order which Twentieth Century Fox also chose to maintain for the subsequent DVD release of the series and so this episode guide will adhere to the same episode order. You can read more about the numbering and order of Millennium's episodes here.

Please feel free to browse through the information, start by using the links below to access each main content area. Look out for related information and links, hints, tips and advanced options available in the gold coloured panels to the right of each page.


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You can access a list of people who have contributed episode and people profiles as well as reviews and articles to our episode guide here.

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A random image from the first season episode of Millennium, Maranatha.
A random Millennium image from the second season episode The Pest House.
A random Millennium image from the third season episode Saturn Dreaming of Mercury.