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Best of Millennium Soundtrack by Mark Snow

An image from Luminary.

A Millennium Soundtrack Music CD named The Best Of Millennium (Soundtrack from the TV Show) Mark Snow is available for download on Apple's iTunes website.

Fans of the series have waited years for an official release of the Millennium Soundtrack by Mark Snow and the discovery it was finally available was welcome news indeed.

The CD was made available for purchase in 2003, but as of June 2008 it was only available on the US version of Apple's iTunes, leading at the time to much frustration amongst fans of the show. It was also listed upon controversial Russian music site GoMusic, which has since disappeared.



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Our Millennium Music Guide provides a definitive, fully detailed breakdown of all bands, composers and artists whose music was featured during the three seasons of Chris Carter's Millennium televisions series.

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Millennium Limited Edition 2008 2 Disc Original Soundtrack by Mark Snow, a 57 track release published in 2008. Available to anyone worldwide but limited to sales of 2000 copies, the first 500 of which were signed by composer Mark Snow.

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Best of Millennium Soundtrack cover.Fans will recall the speculation and rumours regarding a Millennium Season One Promo Soundtrack CD which appeared briefly on the fan scene. Best of Millennium is a completely different and fully legal compilation containing Mark Snow's wonderful themes from various episodes and seasons of the show.

It is my personal belief that the tracks included on the Best Of Compilation are not as good a choices as those from the Season One Promo CD, but it does include some of the same tracks such as the stunning, previously unavailable extended Millennium Main Title which runs at 3.33 minutes, plus the music from the wonderful season three closer Goodbye To All That makes an appearance.

When previously asked to name his favorite piece from Millennium that he loves most, Mark Snow listed Closure and Luminary in particular but sadly neither of these tracks make an appearance here. Some of the tracks are split up into various smaller themes from a particular episode, used where scenes were a particular length.

The Best Of Millennium
(Soundtrack from the TV Show)

Mark Snow
Release date December 19th 2003
(P) 2003 Fox Music

Full Track Listing:

  1. Pilot Episode: Main Title (Long)
  2. Pilot Episode: Bumper #1/M2
  3. Pilot Episode: M10
  4. Pilot Episode: M13
  5. Marantha: 1M1
  6. Marantha: 1M5
  7. Marantha: 3M3/3M4
  8. Marantha: 4M1
  9. Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense:M15
  10. Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense:M11
  11. Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense:M22
  12. Midnight of the Century: Bumper #1/1M2
  13. Midnight of the Century: Bumper 1M4/3M1
  14. Midnight of the Century: Bumper 4M2
  15. The Time Is Now: 1M1
  16. The Time Is Now: 2M2
  17. The Time Is Now: 4M1
  18. Omerta: 1M2
  19. Omerta: 1M3/2M2/2M4
  20. Omerta: 4M4
  21. Goodbye to All That: 4M2a
  22. Goodbye to All That: End Titles

Screen shots from the Best Of Millennium soundtrack by Mark Snow:

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The iTunes software is available for free download at You don't need a Mac Computer or an iPod MP3 Player to buy or download these tracks. You can download them via iTunes and play them on your PC, iPod or Apple Mac and you can also burn them to a CD from iTunes if you wish.

iTunes screen capture showing Millennium Soundtrack.Second iTunes screen capture showing Millennium Soundtrack.