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  • May 26 1960.


  • Doug Hutchison is currently 64 years old.

Personal Trivia

  • Doug was born in Dover, Delaware, USA.
  • Doug Hutchison is considered to be one of Glen Morgan and James Wong's 'Alumni', appearing as Eugene Victor Tooms in The X-Files (Squeeze, Tooms), Elroy-L in Space: Above and Beyond, Polaroid Man in Millennium (The Beginning and the End), Doug Papp in Skip Chasers (unaired).
  • Doug Hutchison appeared in 2 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

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  • Unfortunately Doug Hutchison didn't win any awards for Millennium.

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  • Sadly Doug Hutchison didn't receive any award nominations for Millennium.

Doug Hutchison's Millennium Cast Profile

Doug Hutchison - Millennium profile image.


Douglas Anthony "Doug" Hutchison (born 26 May 1960) is an American actor. He is probably best known as corrections officer Percy Wetmore in Frank Darabont's 1999 film The Green Mile. Active in television, Hutchison is known among X-Files fans for his notable role as Eugene Victor Tooms in the episodes "Squeeze" and "Tooms", and among Lost fans for his appearances as Horace Goodspeed in the episodes "The Man Behind the Curtain," "Cabin Fever,", "LaFleur" and "He's Our You". He owns the production company Dark Water Inc.

Early life

Hutchison was born in Dover, Delaware, the son of Ashley and Richard Hutchison. He spent most of his childhood in Detroit, Michigan and Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has a younger brother named Erik. Years later, he moved to New York City, where he briefly attended the Juilliard School. He studied with Sanford Meisner for two years. As is the case with many aspiring actors, Hutchison was forced to make ends meet through odd-jobs, including dressing as a Citibank card while handing out fliers in Times Square.


Hutchison began acting in high school through a local community theatre. Some of the theatre credits to his name include Equus, Sing Me Through an Open Window, and Julius Caesar.

Television work

Hutchison is known among X-Files fans for his role as Eugene Victor Tooms in the episodes "Squeeze" and "Tooms". He also had a recurring role as the silicate, Elroy L, in the 1995 series, SPACE: Above & Beyond. He appeared on another Chris Carter show, Millennium, as an unnamed individual who sends photographs to Frank Black and is killed by him in the episode "The Beginning and the End". Among Lost fans he is known for his appearances as Horace Goodspeed in the episodes "The Man Behind the Curtain", "Cabin Fever", "LaFleur", "Namaste", "He's Our You", "Whatever Happened, Happened" and "Some Like It Hoth". He starred as Sebastian Hulce on the soap opera The Guiding Light. Hutchison also made an appearance on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit as a serial killer named Humphrey Becker in 2004. He starred in the TV series Kidnapped alongside Delroy Lindo. His next role will be in 24 as "Davros", a European terrorist.

Feature films

In 1999, Hutchison was cast in the film adaptation of Stephen King's The Green Mile as troublemaking prison guard Percy Wetmore. His performance in The Green Mile has been universally acclaimed by major movie magazines and critics.[3] Next he supported roles in Bait with Jamie Foxx and Green Mile co-star David Morse, I Am Sam with Sean Penn, The Salton Sea with Val Kilmer and No Good Deed with Samuel L. Jackson. In 2007, he had a supporting role in the indy film Moola.

His future roles include the 2008 horror film The Burrowers. He is also starring in the comic book film Punisher: War Zone based on the antihero The Punisher. He will also star alongside Thomas Jane and Ving Rhames in Give 'em Hell, Malone due for release in 2009.

Hutchison is currently producing Vampire Killers, a show centering around the hunt for a Queen Vampire and her 13 coven members by an elite group of vampire hunters.

Profile text courtesy of Wikipedia contributors, "Doug Hutchison," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

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Millennium Appearances

Doug Hutchison appeared in the following 2 episode/s of Millennium:

MLM#-201 The Beginning and the End as Polaroid Man

MLM#-219 Anamnesis as Polaroid Man

Other Ten-Thirteen shows

The X-Files:
1.02 "Squeeze" - Eugene Victor Tooms
1.20 "Tooms" - Eugene Victor Tooms