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Doug Hutchison - Snapshot of a Stalker

An candid interview with actor Doug Hutchison who played Millennium's Polaroid Stalker.


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Millennium Cast or Crew Interview:

This is a cast interview with Doug Hutchison.


  • Doug Hutchison was born May 26 1960.

Personal Trivia:

  • Doug was born in Dover, Delaware, USA.
  • Doug Hutchison is considered to be one of Glen Morgan and James Wong's 'Alumni', appearing as Eugene Victor Tooms in The X-Files (Squeeze, Tooms), Elroy-L in Space: Above and Beyond, Polaroid Man in Millennium (The Beginning and the End), Doug Papp in Skip Chasers (unaired).
  • Doug Hutchison appeared in 2 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

Doug Hutchison - Snapshot of a Stalker

Millennium Profile image of Doug Hutchison.


Doug Hutchison is a name very much associated with some of the most iconic moments from 1013's past productions. Whilst a widely celebrated actor he is enshrined in the memories of fans of the 'X-Files' for his notable depiction of 'Eugene Victor Tooms' but to the fans of 'Millennium' he will always be 'The Polaroid Stalker', the psychotic individual who's arc formed the bedrock of the first season of 'Millennium' and who's effects would be felt throughout the entire second series and beyond. We are extremely grateful to Doug for taking the time to speak to us and to his personal assistant, MC, in helping to arrange securing this interview on our behalf.

BACKTOFRANKBLACK.COM: Fans of Millennium are no doubt familiar with your celebrated role on the 'X-Files' as Eugene Victor Tooms. How did the experience of working on Millennium compare to your contribution to its sister franchise?

DOUG HUTCHISON: I had a blast playing both Tooms on 'X-Files' and Polaroid Man on 'Millennium'; two distinctly different roles. I had, maybe, 12 lines of dialogue as Tooms ["yes", "no", "yes", "no", "I like art", etc.] and “Polaroid Man“ couldn't seem to keep his mouth shut!

BTFB: The Polaroid Stalker was an integral arc throughout the entire first season of Millennium. When you were brought in to portray the character are efforts made to ensure you are aware of the character's history and place within the show's mytharc and when such an integral arc is being brought to its denouement is there a certain pressure on you to deliver a performance befitting the zenith of the audience's expectations?

DH: Very rarely are guest stars given insight to a show's myth arcs and their character's histories, etc. However, on “Millennium", I had the extra benefit of knowing Glen Morgan and James Wong [who I had forged a relationship with on “X-Files“] and they gave me certain insights to the Polaroid Man that I might not have had otherwise. As far as pressure regarding delivering performance, well, I suppose there's always some pressure, some trepidation, some doubt diving into any role really. But to be perfectly honest, [and I've never confessed this before, so you're getting a no hold barred uncensored exclusive here!] about 3 days before I flew up to Vancouver to shoot "Millennium", I did a hit of ecstasy and me and Polaroid Man fused! And now for the record: I don't do drugs anymore to commune with my characters (O:

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