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People Online Hosts Megan Gallagher

A transcript from a very old on-line interview with actress Megan Gallagher who portrayed Catherine Black.


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Interview Info

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It was last viewed on Saturday, April 20, 2024, 9:24 AM (UTC).

Interview Source:

People Online.

Interview Date:

25th November1996

Millennium Cast or Crew Interview:

This is a cast interview with Megan Gallagher.


  • Megan Gallagher was born February 6 1960.

Personal Trivia:

  • Megan Gallagher was born February 6, 1960 in Reading PA, USA.
  • Megan left at the end of Season Two but returned for one episode in Season Three of Millennium.
  • Megan Gallagher is married to Jeff Yagher, who portrayed the role of Mark Bianco.
  • She has a Basset Hound named Henry and two cats.
  • Megan Gallagher appeared in 46 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

People Online Hosts Megan Gallagher

Millennium Profile image of Megan Gallagher.


PDiL/PEOPLE: Hi everyone! I'm Patrizia DiLucchio, your host, and on behalf of PEOPLE Magazine I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all of you tonight.

Tonight's guest is actress Megan Gallagher who plays opposite Lance Henriksen on "Millennium"--Chris Carter's haunting new (well--relatively) Friday night Fox series, a drama critics call television's darkest hour.

Hey there, Megan! Welcome to cyberspace! Have you done one of these before?

Megan Gallagher: Yes, I did. At the premiere party.


Brief note about the drill here--this is a moderated conference. It's being conducted simultaneously on CompuServe AND the world wide web! If you're on CompuServe and have a question for our guest, submit it to the question queue either by selecting the question icon (in CIM) or by typing "/question" if you're in ASCII. If you are on Pathfinder, submit your question via private send to "Questions".


So Megan--in yr television marital career, you've gone from being Mrs. Larry Sanders to Mrs. Frank Black. What's it like going from an over-the-top comedy to a dark drama like "Millennium"?

Megan Gallagher: They are completely different projects. You approach the work in a totally different way. There's never a feeling of transition. Lance has smaller lips than Garry does. That's another big difference. Next.

PDiL/PEOPLE: (laughing...)

Question: What was it about the part of Catherine Black that drew your interest as an actress?

Megan Gallagher: I was willing to do anything that Chris Carter wrote. There wasn't much in the pilot but I knew that it would be expanded. I just didn't know it would take six episodes.

Question: Ms. Gallagher I wanted to know how did you get started in the acting business and where did you start. I also wanted to know if your director are looking for any extras.

Megan Gallagher: I started acting in my parents living room when I was five years old. My sister and I put on little plays, that I'm sure were very tedious. I don't think they need any extras. They have it all worked out. As for acting, I took drama lessons when I was in high school. I went to Julliard when I graduated. I do flash back on those days in my parents living room, though. Next.

Internet Questions: China Beach was another intense drama. What was it like with Ricki Lake and the strong women actresses there?

Megan Gallagher: I did not work with Ricki. We worked in different seasons. The other actresses were challenging and fun. I do remember the dance parties we'd have Friday nights, when we shot the jet set scenes. Next.

Question: Why do you think the American television and movie-viewing public so fascinated with serial killers and sociopaths in general?

Megan Gallagher: I think in the post-Reagan era, it's time to deal with the shadow side of humanity. During *that* period of time, there was just too much denial about crime and depravity. In order to balance the scales, we've swung back the other way, sociologically speaking.

Internet Questions: Can we anticipate episodes arcing from one week to the next on Millennium as they sometimes do on X-Files?

Megan Gallagher: Absolutely. Chris has said from the beginning that he doesn't want this to be another cop show. There will be many on-going plots, unsolved crimes and more than just The Polaroid Guy. And Catherine will figure prominently in those arcs.

PDiL/PEOPLE: This question must be inspired by yr Larry Sanders experience...

Question: what's your favourite talk show?

Megan Gallagher: I would have to say the Larry Sanders Show, if we're talking fictionally. I would say Politically Incorrect is my favourite right now. Next.

Question: What does Catherine REALLY think about what her husband does for a living? Catherine is a clinical social worker. Is it that skill that allows Frank to stay sane?

Megan Gallagher: Second part first. There's a big difference between sanity and insanity. Frank has always been sane, but Catherine keeps him happier and more balanced in the way that any good relationship should be. I think Frank is a real hero. She totally supports what he does. It's not only what he does, it's who he is.

Internet Questions: you were a regular guest on what _I_ thought was the best new show of last season, nowhere man. what was working on that show like?

Megan Gallagher: It was rather confusing, because it was never clear what my characters involvement was in the plot. An actor needs that kind of information. Basically the show was about an amazingly expensive, complicated international plot to screw with one guy's head.

Question: Megan-- I am a fan of MILLENNIUM, and admired your work in NOWHERE MAN too. Can we expect to see some more interesting plot points for Catherine to get involved in soon in MILLENNIUM?

Megan Gallagher: Glad you asked that. There is a show coming that is as important for Catherine's character as the pilot was for Frank's character. The episode Dec. 6 is when the fun begins. Mark your calendars. Next.

PDiL/PEOPLE: I am marking my calendar even as I type...

Question: "Millennium's" atmosphere is so Gothic--does that spill over on to the set? What's the atmosphere like when you're filming?

Megan Gallagher: The next two shows after that are also hers. You'll see her at her job. Now to your next question. Actually, it is quite dark. The production design team and art department are really good at their jobs. They create great props, great dead, charred bodies and things like that that are pretty gruesome to see. It's really gross. You just think, this is exactly what this would like.

Question: Chris Carter's show "The X-Files" is a huge cult & now popular favourite. Does that put extra pressure on "Millennium"?

Megan Gallagher: It sure does. We try to cope. Millennium needs some time. The X-Files has many different kinds of episodes. You never know what you're going to get. Millennium needs to find that, and to develop the relationships. Which reminds me, Catherine will get more screen time starting on Dec. 6 . . .

Internet Questions: Do you think Chris Carter feels boxed in by his premise. It doesn't leave much room for humour?

Megan Gallagher: I think that as time goes on and the relationships deepen, the show will find its own kind of humour. Irony, perhaps. Look for the special animated episode.

Question: It's interesting that you and Larry Hertzog split ways after Nowhere Man to work on competing shows: He on Profiler and you on Millennium. Ironic? Comments? (Personally I was hoping you would fall for Mark Green on E/R...)

Megan Gallagher: Hi, Ric. I didn't know he was on "Profiler." That shows how many times I've seen it. The reason they brought me on ER was to have a romance with Anthony Edwards, but then I got the Millennium pilot. I had a great time on ER, though. It was the same producers who did China Beach. Next.

Internet Questions: Half seriously... If Millennium is a big hit, will the name change after the year 2001?

Megan Gallagher: No, I think Millennium applies to anything around the millennium. After that, it will be Millennium Plus.

Question: The episodes that have aired up to this point seem to have dealt mainly with Frank and have left the rest of the family in the background for the most part. How do Catherine and the child deal with Frank's work? How much does the girl really know about what he does?

Megan Gallagher: Well, Dave, she knows everything that a person can know about what goes on in another person's mind. There will be plots that explain our relationship, where Frank will be at home with Jordan while Catherine is working. Starting Dec. 6, by the way.

Internet Questions: Some people feel that Millennium is too depressing. Will this point/tone/ premise ever change?

Megan Gallagher: Yes. It will work on other levels. Right now, many of the shows have been centred around Chris' idea that the first six episodes be like the pilot. Some people seem to find that a bit relentless and depressing, but that will change. There will be other kinds of plots.

Question: What is it like to work with Chris Carter? And -- Is Lance Henriksen as dark and brooding in person as he seems in his portrayal of Frank Black?

Megan Gallagher: Well, I love working with Chris. He's a tremendous guy, a great writer. And Lance actually killed a guy on the set last week, but don't tell anybody.

Question: Megan, you've done a lot of TV work! What have some of yr favourite roles been?

Megan Gallagher: Actually, my favourite roles have been in theatre, but on TV, my faves were Slap Maxwell and Larry Sanders. I think I actually prefer doing comedy.

Internet Questions: The big debate in internet news groups seems to Frank Black psychic?

Megan Gallagher: Technically, no. But it sure seems that way, doesn't it? I do know he was one of the original Psychic Friends, right there with Dionne Warwick.

Question: Is Hollywood easier or tougher on actresses today than it was when you were starting out as an actress?

Megan Gallagher: I think it's probably about the same, although they don't appreciate you as much when you're over 29. Somebody said there are three categories for actresses in Hollywood -- the bimbo phase, the lawyer phase and Jessica Tandy phase. I'm definitely in the lawyer phase.

Internet Questions: Slap Maxwell was absolutely brilliant! Was there ever any thought of taking it to cable when it failed on the network?

Megan Gallagher: I think they did try to shop it around but at the time, there were no takers. The problem was that they would have to have done the show with either Jay Tarses or Dabney Coleman. They'd had a falling out and wouldn't work together. The show couldn't go on with both of them.

PDiL/PEOPLE: That's a pity...because it WAS a great show and it would have grown into its audience--much as Seinfeld did.

Speaking of which...

Question: You've been in a lot of hit TV series--Dallas, Hill Street Blues, LA Law, Larry Sanders. Do actors develop a kind of sixth sense when shows they're in are going to break big?

Megan Gallagher: I did not do Dallas. There is another actress, Meg Gallagher, who was on Dallas. I was in high school at the time. I was NEVER NEVER NEVER on Dallas. I swear I get fan mail all the time saying I loved you on Dallas. Please tell your friends and neighbours I wasn't on. You never know when a show will break big. And generally the shows I'm in fail really big. The shows I like don't' tend to get huge numbers.

Internet Questions: I'm sure you're asked this frequently...but what advice would you give to aspiring actors?

Megan Gallagher: Don't do it. Get some therapy. If all that fails, then pursue it. And study. And keep your day job.

Question: How much time do you spend in Vancouver? And is it TOUGH to organize a life in two (count 'em!) places??

Megan Gallagher: It is tough, and very expensive. I have an assistant in Vancouver to help me with my life. She's worth every penny. And I miss my dog, Henry. I took him for five days and he was miserable. Next.

PDiL/PEOPLE: The question that we have to ask ALL actors (it sez so right here in the rule book...)

Question: What would be your idea of the ideal role?

Megan Gallagher: It would be one I already got to play. It would be Harper in Angels In America on Broadway. The spectrum of emotions I could play is great. It's funny, terribly sad, outrageous . . . like a female Hamlet. Keep watching the show. There are a lot of different episodes coming up, going off in many different directions.

Internet Questions: Is Millennium attempting to build a core cult audience and then reach out to the mainstream as Carter did with X-Files

Megan Gallagher: I think that it would like to be mainstream a bit quicker than the X-Files. I'm sure it will make it quicker. Give us a couple seasons to flesh things out. It's a different show, and it will develop in its own time.

Internet Questions: Do you know why FOX has decided to pressure Millennium fans on the internet to shut down our fan pages?

Megan Gallagher: I didn't know anything about this. I'm sorry if the fans are upset by this. Next.

PDiL/PEOPLE: Final question for the evening: (drum roll!)

Question: Do you ever see yourself moving out of acting and into directing or producing?

Megan Gallagher: I would like to remain an actress, but am very anxious to direct and produce. I want to return to my roots, working in my parents' living room. Hopefully, the audience will be bigger this time..

PDiL/PEOPLE: And so we've come full circle...back to yr parents' living room! Megan, thanks! It was a pleasure chatting with you like this. And we hope that we can induce you to come back some time

Megan Gallagher: Thank you for having me. Thank you thank you thank you. Keep watching the show, it will be going into a lot of different directions. By the way, Dec. 6 is when the Catherine episodes start. And the Polaroid Guy will be back, if anyone is wondering. Thanks. Bye.

Interview Source:

People Online.

Interview Date:

25th November1996