Stephen E. Miller - The Miller's Tale

An interview with Stephen E. Miller, Millennium's Assistant FBI Director Andy McClaren.


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Millennium Cast or Crew Interview:

This is a cast interview with Stephen E. Miller.

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  • Stephen E. Miller appeared in 12 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

Stephen E. Miller - The Miller's Tale

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Amidst the numerous changes that occurred during the final Season of Millennium fans were introduced to Assistant Director Andy McClaren, a old friend of Frank Black and his peer in the FBI to which he returned after the death of Catherine. BTFB were delighted when actor and author, Stephen E. Miller took time from his busy schedule to talk to us and to extend his support to our campaign.

BACKTOFRANKBLACK.COM: Thank you, Stephen, for agreeing to speak to us. May I begin this interview by discussing your introduction to the show? When a new character is introduced to a franchise as established as Millennium was at the time you joined the cast, are former story arcs and the show's mythology explained or do most actors merely concentrate on their role?

STEPHEN E. MILLER: In general, most actors first priority is to get their part right, but with a show like Millennium, where the plots are so complex and you don't know who is betraying who, it really helps to know as much as you can. I had some depth of experience with Chris and had actually be hired as a recurring character when they did the pilot, but for reasons unknown, our little group of characters - Frank Black's former Seattle P.D. Homicide team - were dropped from the show. I didn't think I'd get back on at all, so when I came back as Andy I was really happy. As far as trying to understand the story lines there were many times when everybody was trying to figure things out. You come in, sometimes, for just a little piece of the story, and you really have to trust the director. I did a lot of my episodes with Thomas J. Wright and he was really honest and really good.

BTFB: As many of Season Three's new characters shared a large portion of their screen time with each other, does this make assimilation into an established cast easier knowing that others are in the same boat as yourself?

SM: Well - there was a gulf between what was happening on set and all the behind the scenes stuff. I didn't think for an instant that the show was going to get cancelled before the Millennium, for instance. As far as getting along with everyone, they were all pros and have been around the block a lot of times and it was easy.

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