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Clare McKenna - Millennium Character Profile

A Millennium character profile, listing all episodes and seasons in which Clare McKenna appeared. The main characters of Chris Carter's Millennium have summaries and biographies where available. Where possible and relevant, we've also included any determined allegiance to for example Millennium Group Factions such as Owls and Roosters or if the person is determined as being a member of Legion etc.

Please note that our episode, cast, character and crew profiles may contain potential spoilers if you have yet to see the entire series of Millennium.


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  • Clare McKenna appeared in 1 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

Clare McKenna's Millennium Character Profile

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The leader of a group of high school girls, Clare claimed to have visions of Mary Magdalene and would relapse into the past to relive certain biblical events. Leslie, Shelley, Maureen and Kelly were Clare's friends who also shared her vision.

Reverend Sam Hanes' son Alex, tried to shoot Clare but was tackled by Catherine Black at the last second, the bullets killing 'The Family' member Ben Fisher instead.

Later, Lara Means explains that there had to be a sacrifice in order to set certain events in motion. She then shows Catherine two DNA reports - one for Clare McKenna, and the other taken from the Shroud of Turin. The images match. Lara explains that some believe Clare is the descendant of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. She hands the DNA folders to Catherine - letting her decide if the world should know the truth.

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Clare McKenna was a character in the television series Millennium.

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Clare McKenna appeared in the following 1 episode/s of Millennium: