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The Old Man - Millennium Character Profile

A Millennium character profile, listing all episodes and seasons in which The Old Man appeared. The main characters of Chris Carter's Millennium have summaries and biographies where available. Where possible and relevant, we've also included any determined allegiance to for example Millennium Group Factions such as Owls and Roosters or if the person is determined as being a member of Legion etc.

Please note that our episode, cast, character and crew profiles may contain potential spoilers if you have yet to see the entire series of Millennium.


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  • The Old Man's Millennium Group Database login is the phrase: "The time is near".
  • The Old Man's parents were gassed at Auschwitz, Poland by Rudolph Axmann.
  • The Old Man lives in a log cabin located in woods near the town of Bucksnort, which does not appear on any map. The cabin contains a fax machine and an amazing volume of books, references and fascinating diagrams. The cabin is surrounded by a circle of small stone obelisks or markers, each engraved with an Ouroborus, the adopted ancient symbol of The Millennium Group.
  • Also inside the Old Man's cabin is the sole remaining piece of the Cross of the Crucifixion, shipped from Amann, Jordan.
  • Helmut Gunsche brutally murdered the Old Man in the basement of Frank's yellow house, for which he was killed in a car bomb explosion.
  • Upon the death of The Old Man, an Elder assumes the title of the new Old Man.
  • The Old Man appeared in 3 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

The Old Man's Millennium Character Profile

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The leader of The Millennium Group, he was responsible for educating Candidates on the nature of Evil. Among them was Frank Black who visited Bucksnort on the request of Peter Watts (Beware of the Dog).

An Elder, presumably a wise and intelligent man is chosen to be the spiritual leader of the Group. This chosen one is dubbed the "Old Man". The Old Man has a number of tasks which include (but are not limited to) initiating candidates, providing moral guidance, making predictions (refer to the scenes inside his cabin which show predictions and timelines), and providing any high priority consultation. The Old Man commands the utmost respect of all Group members, and his word is prime over all others.

The Old Man travelled to Seattle and, through his death, reunited The Millennium Group, which had begun disintegration through the influence of Odessa. When questioned by Lara Means on what faction he believed (Owls or Roosters), he replied that he had already "seen the end of the world" when Rudolph Axmann had his parents gassed at Auschwitz (Owls, Roosters).

It's revealed that The Old Man approached Peter Watts with an offer to join The Millennium Group. Watts, going through an especially difficult period, saw comfort in The Group, and agreed (The Time Is Now).

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The Old Man was a character in the television series Millennium.

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The Old Man appeared in the following 3 episode/s of Millennium: