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Chris Carter's Millennium television series, despite lasting three short but incredible years, contains a staggering wealth of facts, information, trivia and references. Accumulating this information has been a long but enjoyable and rewarding process, however it would not have been possible without the assistance of the voluntary contributors listed on this page.


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Parts of this Millennium Episode and Credits Guide would not have been possible without the support, knowledge and enthusiasm of some of Millennium's most dedicated fans and fan site owners, in particular the Cast, Crew and Character Profiles, Reviews, Articles, References and Trivia sections.

We are sincerely grateful for their contributions and for making sure that the respective efforts, talent and creativity of Millennium's writers, producers, cast and crew continues to survive.

In particular we would like to thank Brian A. Dixon, Viivi, the TIWWA Contributors including Chrisnu, Betweenthelines, MillenniumisBliss, Joe M, Mark (4th Horseman), Maria Vitale and our friends at This is Who We Are (our message board forums) who have supplied many useful message posts and caveats which we have gathered here.

If you would like to submit a contribution such as trivia, a profile, article or review, please feel free to contact us.

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Cast, Crew and Character Profilers:

With grateful thanks to the following 37 contributors who have provided written profiles for some of our 1697 Cast, Crew and Character Profiles:

Article Contributors:

Our episode related articles provide extensions to the information, mythology and subject matter used in specific episodes of Millennium. Currently 15 contributors have supplied a total of 27 Millennium episode related Articles:

Episode Reviewers:

With grateful thanks to the following contributors of episode reviews, either provided directly to this site, our forums (This is who we are) or previously to Millennium Desktop UK. Currently 10 contributors have supplied a total of 93 Millennium episode Reviews: