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Millennium Crew Profile of Mark Snow

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  • August 26 1946.

Current Age:

  • Mark Snow is currently 70 years old.

Personal Trivia:

  • Mark Snow's dark theme music was partly inspired by a traditional Irish track that Chris Carter sent him. See related comments section opposite for more details.
  • Mark Snow has several entries in our Millennium Music Guide, available here.
  • Mark Snow undertook a total of 67 roles on Chris Carter's Millennium television series.

Awards Won for Millennium:

  • Unfortunately Mark Snow didn't win any awards for Millennium.

Award Nominations for Millennium:

  • Sadly Mark Snow didn't receive any award nominations for Millennium.

Mark Snow's Millennium Crew Profile

Millennium Profile image of Mark Snow.


Mark Snow's status as one of today's most innovative and successful film and television composers is only the latest element of a far-reaching and eclectic career in music. While Snow is perhaps best known for his theme and scores for The X-Files and Millennium, this Juilliard-trained musician's career has encompassed lush orchestral scoring, album production, classical performance, and five years as a co-founder of the legendary New York Rock N' Roll Ensemble (a band he formed in the late '60s with Juilliard roommate Michael Kamen, himself a much in-demand producer, studio musician, conductor, arranger, and film and television composer). Snow has been nominated for six Emmy awards (in five different categories) and has worked on many motion pictures, as well as virtually every type of dramatic television program in existence. His best-known work also includes The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All, An American Story, and Something About Amelia. Mark Snow was born Martin Fulterman on 26 August 1946 in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn, New York, native began studying piano at the age of ten, then moved on to both drums and oboe. Four years at Juilliard followed, where he studied with jazz arranger Hall Overton and oboist Melvin Kaplan, as well as 12-tone composer George Tremblay and composer Earl Hagan (best known for the theme of The Andy Griffith Show).

Yet at the same time, Snow found himself bitten by the rock n' roll bug. He found the perfect outlet for his wide-ranging talents and interests in the New York Rock N' Roll Ensemble, which he formed with Kamen to perform both innovative pop and purely classical music (Snow played both drums and oboe, although not at the same time! in that band).

Snow left the band in 1973 and, after a brief period in record production, moved to Los Angeles in 1974 and began working as a film and television composer. His early successes in the field included episodes of the award-winning series Family, and the theme and episodic scores for the long-running Hart To Hart. Other work included Cagney and Lacey, Baghdad Cafe, and Crazy Like A Fox, as well as many TV movies and mini-series.

Snow's home studio, featuring a mind-boggling array of the latest electronic equipment, enables him to "audition" an entire score for producers and directors (and his very friendly dogs) in the comfort of his own backyard.

Profile text courtesy of Jem Aswad Biography at ASCAP: the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

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Mark Snow was a member of the Millennium crew.

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Related Comments/Information:

When we were talking about doing the Millennium theme, David Nutter was also involved, with Chris. They were very collaborative about it. They sent me a piece of music from an Irish band. There was solo violin and a Celtic sound with a cool rhythm. And they said, "You know, maybe this is something to go with." And the piece I wrote I thought sort of captured that in a way. It had a mournful, Celtic, medieval combination. And they really liked percussion, and I added these big percussion hits, which became in themselves the signature for some of the act-ins or act breaks. These two hits, boom boom, very ambient drums. It was really a thrill, knowing that they loved it right from the get-go. Millennium was a hole in one, right off the bat.

Source: Mark Snow Order In Chaos: The Making Of Millennium Season One

Millennium Appearances:

Mark Snow worked on the following 67 episode/s of Millennium:

MLM#-100  Pilot as Original music

MLM#-101  Gehenna as Original music

MLM#-102  Dead Letters as Original music

MLM#-103  Kingdom Come as Original music

MLM#-104  The Judge as Original music

MLM#-105  522666 as Original music

MLM#-106  Blood Relatives as Original Music

MLM#-107  The Well-Worn Lock as Original Music

MLM#-108  Wide Open as Original Music

MLM#-109  Weeds as Original Music

MLM#-110  The Wild and the Innocent as Original Music

MLM#-111  Loin Like a Hunting Flame as Original Music

MLM#-112  Force Majeure as Original Music

MLM#-113  The Thin White Line as Original Music

MLM#-114  Sacrament as Original Music

MLM#-115  Walkabout as Original Music

MLM#-116  Covenant as Original Music

MLM#-117  Lamentation as Original Music

MLM#-118  Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions as Original Music

MLM#-119  Broken World as Original Music

MLM#-120  Maranatha as Original Music

MLM#-121  Paper Dove as Original Music

MLM#-201  The Beginning and the End as Original Music

MLM#-202  Beware of the Dog as Original Music

MLM#-203  Sense and Antisense as Original Music

MLM#-204  Monster as Original Music

MLM#-205  A Single Blade of Grass as Original Music

MLM#-206  19:19 as Original Music

MLM#-207  The Curse of Frank Black as Original Music

MLM#-208  The Hand of Saint Sebastian as Original Music

MLM#-209  Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense as Original Music

MLM#-210  Goodbye Charlie as Original Music

MLM#-211  Midnight of the Century as Original Music

MLM#-212  Luminary as Original Music

MLM#-213  The Mikado as Original Music

MLM#-214  Owls as Original Music

MLM#-215  The Pest House as Original Music

MLM#-216  Roosters as Original Music

MLM#-217  Siren as Original Music

MLM#-218  In Arcadia Ego as Original Music

MLM#-219  Anamnesis as Original Music

MLM#-220  A Room With No View as Original Music

MLM#-221  Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me as Original Music

MLM#-222  The Fourth Horseman as Original Music

MLM#-223  The Time Is Now as Original Music

MLM#-301  The Innocents as Original Music

MLM#-302  Exegesis as Original Music

MLM#-303  TEOTWAWKI as Original Music

MLM#-304  Closure as Original Music

MLM#-305  ...Thirteen Years Later as Original Music

MLM#-306  Skull and Bones as Original Music

MLM#-307  Through A Glass Darkly as Original Music

MLM#-308  Omerta as Original Music

MLM#-309  Human Essence as Original Music

MLM#-310  Borrowed Time as Original Music

MLM#-311  Collateral Damage as Original Music

MLM#-312  The Sound of Snow as Original Music

MLM#-313  Antipas as Original Music

MLM#-314  Matryoshka as Original Music

MLM#-315  Forcing the End as Original Music

MLM#-316  Saturn Dreaming of Mercury as Original Music

MLM#-318  Darwin's Eye as Original Music

MLM#-317  Bardo Thodol as Original Music

MLM#-319  Seven and One as Original Music

MLM#-320  Nostalgia as Original Music

MLM#-321  Via Dolorosa as Original Music

MLM#-322  Goodbye To All That as Original Music

Other Ten-Thirteen shows:

The X-Files: Original music
The X-Files movie: Original music, conductor
The Lone Gunmen: Original music
Harsh Realm: Original music