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Hidden date of the apocalypse

This article was contributed by Mick King and relates to the episode The Mikado of Chris Carter's Millennium television series.

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 The Mikado

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Episode Summary

Frank Black and Peter Watts call in Millennium Group computer expert Brian Roedecker for assistance on a very serious case when they find a serial killer who broadcasts his gruesome crimes over the internet to a bevy of sick spectators. Is this the work of Avatar, a sadistic killer Frank's tracked before, utilizing a brand new technological medium for his crimes?

Main Crew

Written by Michael Perry
Directed by Roderick Pridy
Edited by Chris Willingham, A.C.E.

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Hidden date of the apocalypse

An image from Millennium: The Mikado.

I always wondered if there was a reason for the hidden date in the series for the real “END” and by a hidden date I mean the 19th of August 2001.

So where is this hidden date?

The Mikado.

The numbers for the hits on the website were explained or at least the second and third numbers were.

The first was not.

37122 if entered into an excel spreadsheet and re formatted as a date with non American format such as Australian date style then the date of 19th of August 2001 is displayed.

What is so significant about this?

If the final episode is taken as to be the end of the false millennium NYE 1999 the number of days to go as per that last episode takes us to the 19th of August 2001/

This is also the fifth anniversary of the syndication of the X Files on Fox (strangely also the last day that year of Elvis week).

As I am an Australian viewer and picked up on this as the show was being aired I wondered if there was anything known about this.