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This article was contributed by ethsnafu (Mark Hayden) and relates to the episode The Mikado of Chris Carter's Millennium television series.

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 The Mikado

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Episode Summary

Frank Black and Peter Watts call in Millennium Group computer expert Brian Roedecker for assistance on a very serious case when they find a serial killer who broadcasts his gruesome crimes over the internet to a bevy of sick spectators. Is this the work of Avatar, a sadistic killer Frank's tracked before, utilizing a brand new technological medium for his crimes?

Main Crew

Written by Michael Perry
Directed by Roderick Pridy
Edited by Chris Willingham, A.C.E.

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You can count on it

An image from Millennium: The Mikado.

Interestingly the robe donned by the Avatar is almost identical to the one worn by Aleister Crowley in his book ‘Magick in Theory and Practice‘ - where the Avatar has the capital Phi, Crowley had an embroidered Rose Cross and there are visual similarities between both emblems as well as the robe itself. I cannot find an online image of this but trust me it‘ eerie to the power of 10. Mikado is a study in numbers, and a rather excellent one at that, from URL's, clock counters, numerical codes, bus route designations and so on and so forth. As mentioned above, the symbol on the Avatar‘ robe is a capital Phi (if you are interested there is a fascinating occult description of this symbol in the pages of Grant Morrisons ‘Doom Patrol‘ - absolute genius). Phi ( = 1.618033988749895... ), is simply an irrational number like pi ( p = 3.14159265358979... ), but one with many unusual mathematical properties. It was known to Renaissance artists as the Divine Proportion, Golden Section, Golden Ratio and the Golden Mean. It also has connections to the biblical 666, which is evil by numbers just like ‘Mikado', if you take the sine of 666°, you get -0.80901699, which is one-half of negative phi, or sometimes referred to as "anti-phi." A bit occult I know, but Phi is not only a number but considered, by some, an evil number: very apt that it should appear in this episode.

Another repeating theme is the use of an AKA, alias, anonym, handle, screen name (call it what you will). LadyLove states that his online persona is simply a pseudonym used when writing, not unlike many authors. Wonder if that is where Captain Bachman received his surname from, Stephen King would be proud. Love the yellow house, yellow caravan analogy: could be a thesis in itself.

Finally, why, oh why, oh why did they put Roedecker in the recycle bin? Interestingly in ‘The One‘ (another numerical fest) written by James Wong and Glen Morgan there is a character named Roedecker though not a patch on MM‘ own Lone Gunman. What I would give for "Dirty Snowball".

Till then, ethsnafu