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The Millennium episode reviews contained within our Episode Guide have been kindly supplied by Millennium fans of the series. They offer a valuable insight into how Millennium's episodes were received by viewers in comparison to the more formal reviews from the media.

We've also included some selected reviews from our TIWWA Review forum archives.


Episode Reviews

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Currently, the following Millennium fans have shared their episode reviews:

  • Blondton13 (2 reviews)
  • David (7 reviews)
  • Erin (Raven Wolf) (27 reviews)
  • MillenniumIsBliss (9 reviews)
  • The Polaroid Stalker (14 reviews)
  • Toymall (1 reviews)
  • TragicWhiteKnight (2 reviews)
  • Unknown (9 reviews)
  • VoidPrime (1 reviews)
  • ZeusFaber (21 reviews)
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David has contributed 7 reviews.

  1. Review of Pilot
    Views: 2331
    Last viewed: March 26th 2023 12:10am UTC.
  2. Review of Loin Like a Hunting Flame
    Views: 2229
    Last viewed: March 27th 2023 05:04am UTC.
  3. Review of Gehenna
    Views: 5911
    Last viewed: March 27th 2023 12:46am UTC.
  4. Review of Dead Letters
    Views: 6178
    Last viewed: March 25th 2023 07:55am UTC.
  5. Review of 522666
    Views: 6217
    Last viewed: March 25th 2023 01:54pm UTC.
  6. Review of Kingdom Come
    Views: 5744
    Last viewed: March 18th 2023 12:47am UTC.
  7. Review of The Judge
    Views: 6685
    Last viewed: March 22nd 2023 10:36pm UTC.