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Millennium Episode Review of Maranatha by Erin (Raven Wolf)

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Episode Summary

Frank Black and Peter Watts investigate a series of brutal killings in the Brighton Beach Russian community of New York City, killings that are linked to the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl. The shotgun slayings seem to be the work of mysterious Russian diplomat Sergei Stepanovich, a man recognized by the local immigrants as Yaponchik, a mythical Russian figure destined by prophecy to be revealed as the Antichrist.

Main Crew

Written by Chip Johannessen
Directed by Peter Markle
Edited by Chris Willingham, A.C.E.

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Reviewed: Maranatha

Contributor: Erin (Raven Wolf)

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"Behold ye scoffers, For I will work wonders in your days, Which ye will not believe." (Book of Habakkuk)

I absolutely loved this episode! From the dark, gothic religious the fantastic touch of the scene in the Russian bar with the beautiful singer and the fluid movements of the camera and the people in the bar, which flowed perfectly with the music....this was a superb episode! It had the feel of a gothic melodrama, but had elements of reality thrown in, with a twist of history in Russian religion, and the disaster at Chernobyl.

Maranatha was another brush between Frank and the Devil. Yaponchik is the latest manifestation of Legion in the series, who escapes, leaving another loose end that 10-13 productions are famous for.

This episode played out like a movie, from the fantastic story line and writing, to the lighting and music, ending with a fantastic climax on the roof of the hospital, as the helicopter slowly makes its descent, as Frank and the cops rush to try to stop Yaponchik from escaping. As Yura, the Russian cop, falls down, sobbing, and the camera pans to show 666 on the bottom of the chopper, and the final scene ends with Frank walking out of the church, (after we learn that he can speak Russian), it "fades to white". A perfect ending to a fantastic episode!