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Millennium Episode Review of Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me by Unknown

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Episode Info

 Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me

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Original Airdate


Episode Summary

Four vile demons, servants of evil who pose as elderly men, gather for their nightly meeting in a downtown donut shop and discuss over coffee and crullers their own personal methods of leading humanity down the path to hell. During the discussion they come to the realization that they've all encountered a gifted man who may have seen them for the demons they truly are: Frank Black.

Main Crew

Written by Darin Morgan
Directed by Darin Morgan
Edited by James Coblentz

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Awards and Nominations

Bram Stoker Award:

'Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me' by Darin Morgan - Best Horror Screenplay (Nominee)


Reviewed: Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me

Contributor: Unknown

An image from Millennium: Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me.

Losing the Golden Touch

And then, where would we be without mentioning Darin Morgan's contributions to the show? This act is far and away his best work on the show. After a dull second act and a sophomoric third, he pulls Somehow Satan got Behind Me's head out of the muck with this act, one of the best on the show. It's an interesting story, interestingly told. It starts out as we would expect, with the Devil and the stripper falling in love (or would we expect that?). Their story is told with some sly winks by Morgan, and, just as we start to wonder what the old devil is doing at the table, he pulls the rug out from under us. "Will you m-m-mind if we don't see each other anymore, you fat old cow?" Yessir, he's still a devil. But it doesn't end there. Nope, Darin's still got a few bullets left. And he aims them perfectly. Frank's comment to the devil is beautiful, because it can be seen anyway you want to see it. The devil, Toby, is lonely, and thinks that this is what Frank means. The other devils, more content with themselves, don't see it quite that way, but Toby is so morose that they must re-examine themselves. Is it worth it to be a devil? Where your only fulfillment is to damn people to Hell? Where your only chance at true love is ruined by your profession? Only Darin Morgan could ask those questions.