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Millennium Episode Review of Covenant by MillenniumIsBliss

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Episode Summary

Frank Black is asked by a persistent prosecuting attorney to come to a Utah court and testify against a man on trial for confessing to the murder of his own family. Determined to weigh the evidence of the crime for himself, Frank soon finds that he doesn't believe the man he is to speak against truly committed the crime to which he's confessed.

Main Crew

Written by Robert Moresco
Directed by Roderick J. Pridy
Edited by Stephen Mark

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Reviewed: Covenant

Contributor: MillenniumIsBliss

An image from Millennium: Covenant.

With the Millennium series, the overall quality of the show is so great that, in discussing individual episodes, in almost all cases, it isn't so much a question of being a good or bad episode as it is a question of the degree of excellence. In my opinion, Covenant represents the highest degree of excellence that the series has to offer, across the board. The episode starts with a story that is absolutely riveting from start to finish. As mentioned in previous discussions, I personally have developed a different perspective on the series over the past 10 years, and my views have gone from more of a clinical fascination of the subject matter to an unsettled, uneasy realization that this dark and vulnerable side of human nature does actually exist in every day life, although, thankfully, the events in these stories are not every day occurrences in most individuals lives. This story was written by Robert Moresca and, although his name sounds familiar, I see that he has very few credits, including only two episodes of Millennium, this one, as well as another great episode, Broken World, co-written with Patrick Harbinson. I have often wondered about the background of the writers involved in this show, as they all seem to have such a deep understanding of the psychology of the killers, as well as the forensic and legal elements of the stories. I wonder if this is the result of a professional or educational background in the subject matter, or just extensive and accurate research.

Although Lance Henriksen is fabulous throughout the series, I think this is a real stand out episode for him, and he continued to amaze me with the brilliance and subtlety of his acting in this episode. I have never done any acting, so I don't know what goes into being a convincing actor, but I have to imagine that Lance has an ability to immerse himself in the character and play off the other actors like few others, and he can say a thousand words with the expression on his face alone. The acting from everyone involved in this episode excellent, and although I often comment on how great the casting always was on the show, Covenant is again an example of the highest level of excellence. As is often the case, Millennium relies on X-files veterans, and in this case, John Finn as William Garry and Sarah Koskoff as Didi Higgens probably outdo their roles on the X-files with great performances. Both of them appeared several times on the X-files. I especially enjoyed Sarah Koskoff as the soft spoken, lovely, smart, elegant and strong willed Assistant Pathologist, who puts her butt (and job) on the line. Jay Underwood as Michael Slattery is also a pleasure to watch and very charismatic as William Garry's defense attorney. Michael O'Neill as Prosecutor Calvin Smith is hard nosed and not quite so likable as the others, but does a great job none the less.

In addition to being a great overall story, the episode throws in some plot twists that, I have to say, I never saw coming. We go from being convinced that William Garry did the killings alone, to thinking that the Sheriff Deputy was somehow responsible or involved, and then are thrown for a loop when... well, I will leave that for the viewer to see, but I can say that this is only one of many twists and turns in a fantastic plot. The whole episode is perfectly done, right down to the setting and locations, and even during the long absence between the series being on Television and being released on DVD, it has always stood out in my mind as one of the very best. So good, in fact, that I felt compelled to watch it for a second consecutive night tonight.