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Millennium Episode Review of Monster by Erin (Raven Wolf)

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Episode Summary

What is the truth behind a series of child abuse cases stemming from a day care center in Arkansas? Two of the Millennium Group's most promising visionaries are sent to find out yet aren't told a thing about their counterpart or their case. Frank and his new partner soon find that they may have more in common than they thought, and that demons can come in the most unexpected of forms. Unfortunately, the Group's little test takes a dangerous turn as the town's people go on a witch hunt for the child abuser and arrests Frank Black as their monster.

Main Crew

Written by Glen Morgan & James Wong
Directed by Perry Lang
Edited by Chris Willingham, A.C.E.

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Awards and Nominations

Young Artist Award

Lauren Diewold (as Danielle Barbakow) - Best Performance in a Television Drama Series: Guest Starring Young Actress (Winner)


Reviewed: Monster

Contributor: Erin (Raven Wolf)

An image from Millennium: Monster.

"The first thing we do, lets kill all the lawyers." Henry IV, pt 2 Act 4, sc 2

The atmosphere of the 1st season returns in this blend of childlike innocence and pure evil. It begins with the sound of a sweet old lady, telling a nursery rhyme, while we see scenes from a playground, which seems so innocent, but leaves you with an overwhelming sense of terror.

In this episode, we meet Lara. At first, I thought the introduction of this character was a big mistake. I saw her as a possible new love interest for Frank, which would destroy forever the purity of his character, and of the backbone of the series. Soon, however, she began to grow on me, and I began to see her as a kind of dark angel of the series. Her quick wit and brassy nature became a good balance to Franks sombre personality. Also, her acting was superb, as it took me quite a while to realize that she had been in The X Files "The Field Where I Died".

She wasn't the only familiar face from The X Files. Jeffery Spender, Pusher, and Emily were also welcome surprises in this episode, which, while it may not have been the most action-filled episode ever, was an important part of setting the stage for season two. Not only was an important character introduced, but the focus of the series theme is brought back into view quite solidly. Frank's journey. His test. His battle with the forces of evil.

Personally, I liked the way the theme of season two was blended with the feeling of season one. The balance of beauty and innocence with horror and evil that is such a trademark of Millennium rings out loud and clear in Monster. As first, the innocent, docile woman in charge of the day care facility is accused of the most horrible of crimes, and then, worse yet, so is Frank, who is the white knight of the series. And, finally, to discover that the true evil lies in a little girl simply leaves you filled with such a sense of betrayal, like nothing is sacred in the world any more. Finally, this sense of worry is amplified during the last scene, where the little girl is shown in her new foster home, and sitting in the background is a computer, with the Millennium Ouroborous on it, leaving you to wonder what interest the group would have with having control over this girl, and what it means for the future.