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Millennium Episode Review of 19:19 by Erin (Raven Wolf)

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Episode Summary

Frank Black, Peter Watts, and Lara Means race against time to locate a busload of kidnapped children who've been buried alive in a nearby quarry by a prophecy dictating madman who believes that World War III has begun and he is the one destined to carry out the Book of Revelation's instructions.

Main Crew

Written by Glen Morgan & James Wong
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Edited by James Coblentz

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Reviewed: 19:19

Contributor: Erin (Raven Wolf)

An image from Millennium: 19:19.

"19:19" seems to recapture all of what made season 1 of Millennium the fantastic, ground breaking series it was, as well as encompassing the theme of season 2. It opens in typical Millenniumistic fashion, with a mysterious young man, surrounded by a bank of televisions, each tuned to the latest horrific news stories, complete with floods, earthquakes, murders, war, etc. He soaks it up as if it fuels him, then steps outside his humble trailer, quoting biblical prophecy as the storm clouds mount on the horizon.

In this exciting and typically Millenniumistic episode, the balance of innocence and horror so often seen throughout the series is present once again, with the abduction of the children at the center of this terrifying story.

It is quite apparent by this point in season 2 that the dark, foreboding theme of season 1 has been replaced by the inspirational season 2. Each episode seems to convey a message, and plant a seed for the future. Here, the seed was quite obviously the little girl Jessica, one of the abducted children who was spotlighted and shown to be a natural leader, peacemaker, and inspirational seeker. The message is made quite clear. The children are our future.

Also, another of the trademarks of season 2 returns as Lara Means appears for a second time. Her characteristic brassy nature and dark, sarcastic sense of humor showing much more effectively than in "Monster".

The icing on the cake is found as, in typical Millennium fashion, there is a twist to the end that the viewer never sees coming. The man looked at as a monster, after having kidnapped these innocent children, and seeming to have no morality whatsoever, turns out to be the children's savior, as the school where they would have been is ripped apart by a tornado, and they are safely tucked away in an underground bunker, deposited safely when the storm is passed. We are left to scratch our heads and wonder..... Perhaps we should not always be so quick to judge what we cannot understand. With the intense religious overtones, dark characters, and inspirational message overflowing from this episode, "19:19" is, in my opinion, a true classic.