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Millennium Episode Review of Darwin's Eye by ZeusFaber

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Episode Info

 Darwin's Eye

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Episode Summary

Frank Black and Emma Hollis are forced to consider how many of their cases are truly ruled by conspiracy when a young girl, put in an asylum after being accused of murdering her parents, escapes from captivity with the help of a willing Sheriff's Deputy. Are the girl's rants regarding evolution and constant drawing of crossed palm trees a sign that there may be a more complex cover-up at work? Or is she, like Emma's ailing father, simply going mad?

Main Crew

Written by Patrick Harbinson
Directed by Ken Fink
Edited by Peter B. Ellis

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Reviewed: Darwin's Eye

Contributor: ZeusFaber

An image from Millennium: Darwin's Eye.

A bit more of a standard episode, but that's by no means a criticism here. It's got that real-world believability to it, while it has its own unique flavours that make it stand out. The bookending voice-overs from Cass mark out a manic but ponderous tone, while Cass herself makes for an interesting and layered character who we can't be sure is a protagonist or an antagonist until the dénouement. Her relationship with the cop, Joe, is also original and convincing, which is another strong touch to the episode.

Meanwhile, we get some more great characterisation for Emma via the introduction of her father, and watching her deal with his illness creates real depth and empathy thanks to a terrific performance from Klea Scott. What's best of all about this episode though is that, for once, the elaborate conspiracy theory turns out to be totally false, while the simplest and most obvious explanation is in fact the right one. The escaped mental patient who insists she's innocent despite all the evidence to the contrary is in fact guilty and disturbed, while all the stuff about crossed-palm symbols and secret agents is in fact our investigators getting carried away and barking up the wrong tree (no pun intended).

Having said that, Frank's flashes of a nuclear shockwave and having James Hollis photocopy the same image almost threatens to derail all that, but fortunately it's not lingered on, allowing the plot to resolve itself as something of a breath of fresh air. A good, solid episode with refreshing touches of originality.