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Millennium Episode Review of Closure by ZeusFaber

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Episode Summary

A heavily armed spree killer and his tag along friends are on the loose, killing for pure amusement, and the case leads Emma Hollis into thoughts regarding the violent death of her own sister. Frank Black, who had previously been keeping a distance between himself and his new partner, takes Emma under his wing to bring some closure to both their current case and her own personal demons.

Main Crew

Written by Larry Andries
Directed by Daniel Sackheim
Edited by Chris Willingham, A.C.E.

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Reviewed: Closure

Contributor: ZeusFaber

An image from Millennium: Closure.

A slightly sub-par episode, unfortunately, albeit one that does well to give Emma's character some early attention. The bookend cemetery scenes are effective in giving us a strong emotional angle, while the exploration of an almost motiveless killer is interesting if unremarkably executed. It just lacks that sparkle to maintain your interest all the way through.

Having said that, Daniel Sackheim's expert direction does its best to lift the material, most notably in the attack sequence with its blend of slow motion and CGI effects which pre-date the so-called “Bullet Time”. It just about manages to take us through a long sequence in which both Frank and Emma study computer readouts and paper files, which is also aided by Mark Snow's usual deft touches, but it still drags slightly. The following moments in which Emma's backstory is reveal and analysed through the lens of Frank's profiling skills just about make up for it though.

The rest of it, with the adrenaline-junkie in the woods, the bus siege, and police-station shootout are all fairly plodding and bland. The three antagonist characters never really rise beyond the sum of their parts, and while Emma's final gambit has a touch of originality to it, it doesn't feel like all that much of a climax. In short, the episode does a job of adding depth to Emma as a new character, but it doesn't do much more.