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Millennium Episode Review of ...Thirteen Years Later by ZeusFaber

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 ...Thirteen Years Later

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Episode Summary

To Frank Black's dismay, a movie is being shot based upon an infamous serial killer case he himself solved 13 years ago. Things get a little out of hand when new murders begin occurring with the same pattern featured in the film and case files. Frank hopes to find the answers during the filming of the movie's finale, at a KISS concert, while Emma searches famous horror films for clues.

Main Crew

Written by Michael R. Perry
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Edited by James Coblentz

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Reviewed: ...Thirteen Years Later

Contributor: ZeusFaber

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Although the attempt to deliver a comic Halloween romp is a noble one, this unfortunately falls rather flat. The main problem is that the attempts at being postmodern and self-aware lack any subtlety, while the whodunit on a movie set plot is one that's been done by every single cop show ever made -- and this doesn't really feel any different.

There are a few saving graces, such as the idea of a killer quoting slasher movies to neatly counterbalance with the killer quoting poetry from the pilot and other more serious episodes, and also the structural device which gives things a more palatable framework, even if the final revelation is rather telegraphed. But more often than not, the jokes are clumsy and their execution too on-the-nose. What's also worrying is the scene where Frank locks and loads before chasing after the suspect with a gun, which although is another obvious riff on horror movie clichés, still threatens to mischaracterise Frank to those who miss the joke.

It's nice the way Emma becomes the final target in a way that manages to elevate the levels of metafiction and frame-breaking for a brief moment, and it's never boring, but it's mostly just too heavy-handed. The inclusion of KISS is also one of the more gratuitous examples of stunt-casting. Entertaining on a popcorn level, but ultimately rather crass.