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Millennium Episode Review of Blood Relatives by ZeusFaber

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Episode Info

 Blood Relatives

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Episode Summary

A juvenile delinquent begins taking advantage of families grieving the loss of a loved one, with the support of a sadistic friend, to a murderous end. Frank Black puts himself in the troubled boy's mind to find answers as Catherine looks elsewhere, into the boy's tortured family life.

Main Crew

Written by Chip Johannessen
Directed by James Charleston
Edited by George R. Potter

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Reviewed: Blood Relatives

Contributor: ZeusFaber

An image from Millennium: Blood Relatives.

One of the better serial-killer episodes. It pulls off a great work of misdirection in having us, and indeed our protagonists, chasing after the wrong man. James, while certainly troubled and in possession of one of those warped psychologies that could easily develop into the murderous ones that we so frequently see, is actually guilty of nothing but preying on the grief of strangers, while the true perpetrator is close by but one step removed.

The episode also wins points for having one of the most even distributions of work for Frank and Catherine in the entire series. The idea of a child's nurturing environment, or lack thereof, is the perfect vessel for both Catherine, as a social worker, and Frank, as a profiler, to come together on the same case. All the while it feels genuine and not in the least forced, with both getting their fair share of noble and incisive moments amongst the “tough room” of Bletcher and Giebelhouse.

On the down side, the “stop looking” mutilations, while macabre, are another slightly tactless example of killers leaving messages despite not wanting to be caught. But besides that, the plot works out nicely and reverses a few clichés while it's at it (the birth mother reunited with her son but rejecting him altogether and running back to her pleasant suburban life rather than being talked 'round). One of the quintessential first season episodes, 'Millennium' on its workaday game.