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Millennium Episode Review of Loin Like a Hunting Flame by David

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 Loin Like a Hunting Flame

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Episode Summary

Frank Black and Millennium Group sex crime expert Maureen Murphy are called to Colorado to investigate when a man's marriage failings turn into deadly sexual fantasies, attending local raves and swingers parties to track the killer. Unfortunately, the investigative pair find resistance in the form of a biased sheriff and a local law enforcement team unprepared to deal with such sexual attacks.

Main Crew

Written by Ted Mann
Directed by David Nutter
Edited by Chris Willingham, A.C.E.

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Reviewed: Loin Like a Hunting Flame

Contributor: David

An image from Millennium: Loin Like a Hunting Flame.

Apart from the difficult to grasp title, Loin Like a Hunting Flame remains one of the most haunting episodes of all the MillenniuM series. I argue this because it seems uncomfortably and humanly plausible. A man not a monster was at work and that man was essentially one who felt de-manned; not by evil but by his own utterly human sensations of guilt and shame ‐ which emanated from nothing more sinister than his inability to make love to his wife. How freakishly common is that?

Admittedly, his response to his situation is an abomination of conventional human sanity and that must be fixed in the conscious mind else any review can seem insane in its own right. However, who can successfully argue against the premise that many men, at one time or another have felt twinklings of guilt and shame at not being the great sexual lover who can satisfy his partner and fulfil his role as a man? Not many I dare say.

The commonality of this episode (excepting the abominatory response) is what chills. The marriage - in which the same thing is said every morning; the wife is attractive yet tired and longing for more and in which the husband works in a relentlessly repetitive job, mirrors thousands of modern relationships found throughout the world. It is this statistically common set up that makes Loin Like a Hunting Flame memorable. It reminds me of the Yorkshire Ripper who came not from a satanic cave deep under the earth but from a dreary Northern English Town where manual work was the staple employment. The discovery of a pornographic magazine in a toilet cistern during the episode was laughably and lamentably familiar also‐ god I remember my mum finding that magazine‐ Ouch!

The real jewel in this episode though is the inclusion of Maureen Murphy, played by Harriet Samson Harris. Her completely viable character brought electricity to this episode. With no histrionics or pseudo-feministic squabble, she emerged into the-forefront taking her place alongside Frank Black as an expert in her field, firmly exposing the insecurities and harms caused to Detective Thomas (William Lucking) during his own experiences with sex-crimes.

MillenniuM is to be credited for its strong female characters and for promoting the message that only a man who has never worked/co-operated with a woman could conceivably devalue them. Having had occasion to gain the insight of women during harrowing experiences in my own life, I appreciated this episode deeply and was chilled by the barely concealed rage that Frank Black felt towards Detective Thomas as a result of his attitude towards Maureen Murphy- that Maureen & Detective Thomas appeared to be a possible couple in the making at the end is permissible. It is TV remember.; happy ends and all that…

To sum up this is an important episode for two reasons. 1. The utterly plausible environment in which these crimes were fertilized- it reminds us that monsters are not the true perpetrators-humans are. 2. The continuing message that males and females are the only human creatures; they either value each other and trust each other with their inner workings or the abominations of conventional human sanity gestate and take birth into the world around us. That's some baby to deal with.