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Millennium Episode Review of The Judge by David

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 The Judge

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Episode Summary

A man who calls himself the Judge is the mastermind behind a number of bizarre murders involving dismemberment, leading aimless young men to kill those he commands must die. His purpose is the meting out of personal justice and his primary interests come to lie in the unique drive and talent of Frank Black.

Main Crew

Written by Ted Mann
Directed by Randy Zisk
Edited by Stephen Mark

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Reviewed: The Judge

Contributor: David

An image from Millennium episode The Judge.

In episode MLM-104 The Judge, there is a direct and unequivocal sign that Frank Blank is known to a world that exists beyond conventional understanding. In the final scenes it is revealed that The Judge (Marshall Bell) seems to have been enticing Frank to come looking for him, but not because he (The Judge wanted to be caught) but because he wanted Frank caught ‐ caught up in the chaos and destruction of a power that was creeping across the world and had been for millennia.

On the surface, this episode could be construed as a “Star Chamber” Style story ‐ see Michael Douglas in an early career role being invited to do similar work, but the biblical references and the focus on the pigs is what gives this episode its demonic, eternal essence. These ever present swine conjure up the unclean and the species which carried “legion” across the cliff when Christ exorcised him thousands of years ago.

In an early allusion to the MillenniuM Group's origins The Judge informs Frank that he (The Judge) has been around for a very long time and that they had “never been as close” to him as now. It is the word “never” that implies a long running struggle in which he has had the upper hand and in which Frank is only so close because “I've allowed [it] this time” and this because he wants to let Frank hear his “offer... it's truth, my strength”. This offer relates to a protection for his family from the sorts of thing that the Judge has instigated to get Frank near to him. It's like an offer he can't refuse from his Devil-Father rather than God Father

And by referring to himself to Legion, The Judge implies he is not just who he is now, he is many different beings and is beyond the groups ability to catch him/them. Back in Episode 2 Gehenna, Frank doubted if “the bad can be caught”. He said this once more in the presence of a man not seemingly who he appeared to be and if we fast forward to the Lucy Butler episodes then we see a thread of Legion's personas.

For this reason MLM-104 The Judge is not to be dismissed lightly by those who might do so. It is part of the foundation story that necessarily gives Frank Black his out of the ordinary appeal to the audience. His revelation as a man not only seeing what killers see but also as a man whom demons take an interest in is what elevates his character to one of the all time greats. This man truly means something and hence it is worth following his progress to its conclusion if possible.