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Chris Carter's Millennium TV Series featured over 700 Characters throughout its three year, sixty seven episode run. This section of our Millennium Episode and Credits Guide (MEACG) will allow you to view and download Character information to suit your needs with as much additional detail as you prefer. Choose from one of the available sections sections below:


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These links can be used to quickly access some of the most popular Millennium Cast, Crew and Character profiles contained within our Episode Guide:


Lance Henriksen

Megan Gallagher

Brittany Tiplady

Terry O'Quinn

Bill Smitrovich

Sarah-Jane Redmond



Frank Black

Catherine Black

Jordan Black

Peter Watts

Lt. Bob Bletcher

Lucy Butler



Chris Carter

Glen Morgan

James Wong

David Nutter

Thomas J. Wright

Mark Snow

Millennium's Frank Black.
Millennium's Catherine Black.
Millennium's Jordan Black.
Millennium's Peter Watts.