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Millennium Character and Episodes Listing

An alphabetical listing of all Characters and the episodes of Millennium in which they appeared. You can click on their names, the name of the actors who played them or the episode titles in which they appeared to view more detailed Millennium Cast, Character and Episode profiles.

In order to make this listing more manageable it has been broken down into alphabetical groups, simply select a letter from the Sort Options below to display every Millennium Character whose name starts with the selected letter.


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About this credit Listing:

This Millennium Credit Listing includes all known credited and uncredited Cast Members and the episodes and sometimes multiple roles on Millennium in which they have appeared.

Under each person's name, you will see the following information:

Number of Appearences

The database checks and displays the total number of acting credits throughout all three seasons of Millennium. Some Actors and Actresses reappeared in multiple roles.

Millennium Code

A unique number used by Fox Television to identify each episode of Millennium. You can click on this code to access the complete profile for this episode of Millennium.

Episode Title

The episode title in which the Cast Member appeared. Click on it to view the Millennium episode profile.

Credit Type and Character Name

The type of cast credit and the name of the role in which the Cast Member appeared in each episode of Millennium.


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