Unidentified music from Pest House - Millennium Episode Music Guide

Can you assist us to identify the music track below, from the episode Pest House? It may be that the music was especially composed for the Millennium episode but it may also be a commercially available track.

If you know more about this music please can you contact us. Thank you.


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Unidentified Millennium Music

Can you help? The tracks identified within our Millennium Music Guide have been put together from a variety of sources starting with the original Fox Millennium episode guide from 1996. Over the years, I've noted down extra music tracks which have been identified by site visitors, myself or reported by our community forum members, so that the information can be added to what was was released in the original guide. I believe this to be the most accurate and up to date guide to Millennium's music.

Occasionally though, a new song or piece of music will be discovered in Millennium that has previously gone unnoticed; amazing, I know.

So, could you help us identify these remaining music tracks?

You can contact us using our contact form to discuss the unidentified music tracks or you may wish to browse our dedicated Millennium Music forums which have pinned topics containing any identified clues so far including lyrics and artist/composer suggestions for these tracks.


Can you identify this piece of music from Pest House?