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Synopsis of Millennium episode "Gehenna"

Presented below is the original published synopsis of Gehenna, from Chris Carter's Millennium TV series. It was originally published on the original Fox Millennium website.


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Written by Chris Carter
Directed by David Nutter
Edited by Stephen Mark

San Francisco. A pack of clean-cut young men cruise the night in their black BMWs. At a dark abandoned factory, they turn on one of their own. They feed him LSD, terrorize him and leave him there to become the prey of a savage half-seen, half-human beast. When a disturbingly large amount of human ashes is discovered in a San Francisco park, Frank joins the other members of the Millennium Group in the investigation of this multiple homicide. Frank can sense that the killer has burned his victims alive to feed on their suffering. Chemical traces in the remains lead them to the abandoned factory, where Frank catches horrifying glimpses of the Beast and his crimes; and makes a grisly discovery: a set of human teeth.

Meanwhile, a shadow outside the house spooks Catherine while she's home alone with Jordan. Is it only her imagination? She tells Frank's friend Bletch that she must never let Frank suspect she and Jordan are in danger...or Frank may remain home to guard them, and never use his gift again. She is still unaware that the stalker from their past has followed the family to Seattle. Back in San Francisco, Frank's colleague Mike Atkins tells him that it is probable the objective of the person stalking his family is terrorizing Frank. At this point, he believes the danger to Frank's family is minimal.

The break in the investigation comes when dental records lead them to a young Russian immigrant who disappeared six months ago. They discover he had become a member of a mysterious apocalyptic cult -- who threaten to destroy their faithless in the fires of Gehenna (Biblical Hebrew for "hell").

Inside a cavernous office, the brainwashed cult members--all young, all male--telemarket hair products while Orwellian slogans strobe by on a screen. One young man is singled out as the next victim. This time instead of running into the arms of the Beast, the victim runs into someone unexpectedly waiting - Frank. The young man is taken into custody and questioned. Crazed by psychedelics and fear, the young man's ravings reveal the terrifying hold this bloodthirsty cult has over its members. He warns Frank that no one can escape the power of the Beast. Frank realizes this case is like nothing he's ever seen before when his prisoner literally wills himself to die.

Back in Seattle with his family, Frank goes online and uncovers the San Francisco address of Gehenna Industries. Atkins investigates, discovering a storehouse of doomsday weapons. The Beast lures Atkins inside a giant industrial microwave - where he had immolated his previous victims. Luckily, Frank realizes the danger, and sends the police after Atkins. The rescue team arrives just in time to save Atkins' life, but not before serious injury could be inflicted upon Atkins by the deadly microwaves.

The cult is smashed. The leader captured. But Frank knows that evil will always survive.