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Transcript of Millennium episode "The Pest House"

Presented below is an episode transcript of The Pest House from Chris Carter's Millennium TV series. These transcripts have been provided thanks to the dedication and time consuming hard work of Millennium fans Libby and Maria Vitale. Millennium - This is who we are is extremely greatful to Libby who has painstakingly checked, updated and edited each one for accuracy to make sure that they are as true to the actual episodes as possible.


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The Pest House - Transcript



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The Pest House

[MLM-215 (5C15)]


Written by Glen Morgan & James Wong
Directed by Alan Coulter
Edited by James Coblentz
U.S. Air Date: February 27, 1988

[Transcribed by Libby]


[River. Night. A car is parked on wooden bridge. An overhead light swings in the wind. Inside, a couple, Kevin and Christy, are in the back seat, making out. Music is playing. Suddenly there's a noise from outside and the couple stop kissing. Christy checks her watch.]

CHRISTY: I told my Mom I'd be home half an hour ago.

[Kevin sighs.]

CHRISTY: Besides, it's way too cold out here.

[They change places.]

KEVIN: Could I convince you to stay if I offered you some peppermint Schnapps?

[He pulls a small flask out of his pocket. Christy smiles, takes it and has a drink.]

KEVIN: You know what's down the road? The East County psychiatric hospital. The loony bin. They used to call it the Pest House.
CHRISTY: Stop it, Kevin.
KEVIN: This one hospital probably holds the most dangerous assortment of maniacs in the western United States.
CHRISTY: I'm not gonna get scared.
KEVIN: Serial rapists, pedophiles, mass murderers ...
CHRISTY: Don't tell me – one of them escaped.
KEVIN: Worse. Released. His name is Harold Brunden and he was sent to the hospital three years ago after a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity.
CHRISTY: What did he do?
KEVIN: I don't know if I should be telling you this. It's pretty scary.

[She playfully attacks him.]

CHRISTY: Come on, tell me.
KEVIN: All right, all right. Well, it was a night like tonight. The sorority up at Grossmore were having their campout here at Alpine Village. They all went to bed completely exhausted. But seven of them never woke up. Because during the night Harold had come into their camp and covered their faces with rags soaked in chloroform. And one by one, he neatly sliced their throats, from ear to ear. Each time making sure he cut the carotid artery so he could drink their blood. There would have been an eighth victim but the rag was dried out, and she fought through the anesthetic. She crawled over to where their gear was and she found a cleaver and when Harold reached for her neck she grabbed his arm and wham [he suddenly swings his hand down onto Christy's arm, she jumps, then laughs] – she's chopped off his hand. And only two years after he was sent to the hospital, he was released, cured. Only now with a hook where his left hand used to be. Within three months the police lost track of him, now no-one knows where he is. I mean, he could be across the country. Then again, he could be next door. I mean, he could even be [holds up the hook of a metal coat hanger] in the car!

[He laughs, she's angry and thumps him.]

KEVIN: Oh, I'm sorry, you're so easy to freak.
CHRISTY: Well, you're just really good at it.
KEVIN: Well, come here. It's not the only thing I'm good at.

[They kiss. There's a noise outside – scraping, creaking. Kevin is startled.]

KEVIN: What was that?
CHRISTY: My tongue in your ear?
KEVIN: No, that noise. If I get a scratch on this car, my Dad's gonna kill me. I'll be right back, I'm just gonna check it out.

[He unlocks the car door and gets out. He still has the metal coathanger in his hand. Christy repairs her lipstick. There's a thumping sound outside.]


[Another sound, like a body falling down.]

CHRISTY: This isn't funny.

[Another sound. She wipes away the moisture on the window. Someone moves by the side of the car. There are more thumping sounds.]

CHRISTY: You'd better stop scaring me unless you want to stay outside all night.

[She pushes down the door locks. More movement outside.]

CHRISTY: Oh god, oh god, Kevin.

[Car starts rocking.]

CHRISTY: I'm never gonna forgive you for this.

[Blood spatter on rear window. She gets out the car. She sees the metal coathanger on the ground, bloodstained. She picks it up, then sees Kevin, hanging upside down, his fingers brushing the car roof, on to which his blood has dripped. As we close up on Kevin's bloodied fingers, going back and forth on the car roof, she screams.]

[fade to black]

[main titles]

"The Pest House"

[Photograph of bloodied coathanger hook with a tape measure beside it.]

WATTS: The victim was Kevin Galbraith, a freshman English major at the University of Portland.

[Watts and Frank walk down the hallway of Frank's house then into the sitting room.]

WATTS: He was parked on Copper Cove bridge with his girlfriend, Christy Morse, when the attack occurred at approximately 11:30 p.m. According to her statement, her boyfriend leaves the car and for her safety she locks herself inside.
FRANK: And he doesn't return. She becomes afraid because she hears scratching on the outside of the car. She finally makes her escape. She discovers her boyfriend hanging upside down, dead. The cause of the scratching was his hands rubbing against the car as he swayed in the wind. It's an urban legend. None of it's true.
WATTS: That's what I would have said except we have a real victim here. And a psychologically scarred witness who's under heavy sedation. The police have interviewed her several times, but she knows nothing more than we already know from the campfire stories. The Group believes this will not be an isolated incident so I've done a preliminary profile based on that. I've checked the background of inmates at mental institutions near the crime scene. I think you'll find that interesting.

[Watts hands him a document which reads: In-depth screening. Six month review - August 1997 File: #533 Name: Woodcock, E. Jacob Age: 47 Sex: M Division: Maximum Security Ward Referred By: State Police Interpret Date: 9/30/97 Test Date: 8/14/97 Screening Battery Report Report conducted by: Dr. Ellen Stoller]

FRANK: E Jacob Woodcock. Killed a couple parked on the Copper Cove bridge.

[Photograph – a bearded man, in wheelchair, his left hand is a hook.]

WATTS: He fits the profile to a T. Only problem is he couldn't possibly have done it.

[Larger version of the photograph – this shows the man's right leg has been amputated above the knee.]



[Buzzer. Door – electronic lock – opens. Frank and Watts enter a reception room. Several people are sat on chairs around small tables. Frank and Watts go up to the reception desk.]

FRANK: Hi. My name is Frank Black. This is Peter Watts. We're working with the East County Sheriff's Department. I need to ...
RECEPTIONIST: Could you sign this?

[He hands Frank a clipboard.]

FRANK: I have an interview with E Jacob Woodcock.
FRANK: Woodcock.
RECEPTIONIST: Well, he's a very disturbed individual with a wide variety of personality disorders. Paranoid, schizotypal. He's a factor one psychopath.
WATTS: We need to speak to him regarding a recent murder.
WOMAN: [walks up to reception desk and speaks to the "receptionist"] Mr. Brennan! Why don't you let me talk to these gentlemen. You're late for your therapy.
MAN: [puts his hands on Brennan's shoulders] Come on, Mr. Brennan, come.
WATTS: [to woman] He's a patient? [she nods] You're a doctor?
WOMAN: Dr. Ellen Stoller. What can I do for you.
WATTS: Everyone sort of dresses alike.
DR. STOLLER: We feel uniforms and lab coats just serve to stigmatize the patients. If we dress as doctors, they will act like patients. We work very hard to eliminate the visual clues on the ward. You can tell us apart by the keys we wear on our belts.
FRANK: My name is Frank Black. This is Peter Watts.
DR. STOLLER: How do you do.
FRANK: We're working with the Sheriff's Department on a murder investigation.
DR. STOLLER: I know, they called. He is very anxious to speak with you.

[She walks off and Frank and Watts follow her through a security door into the corridor beyond.]

DR. STOLLER: E Jacob Woodcock is a highly disturbed individual with a wide variety of personality disorders. He's paranoid, schizotypal.
FRANK: A factor one psychopath.
DR. STOLLER: That's right. How did you know?
FRANK: A wild guess.
DR. STOLLER: I find it inconceivable that he could be connected with any recent murder. Besides his physical handicap, he's still in custody under maximum security. The fact is, he hasn't set foot outside this hospital in five years. You know what I mean.
WATTS: What are the security measures for prisoners in the hospital?
DR. STOLLER: The patients here are not technically prisoners, Mr. Watts. No-one in this hospital has ever been found guilty of a crime, though we understand they still may pose a danger to themselves and to society. The patients kept under maximum security are housed in a secure ward, are kept behind electronically locked doors. We make visual inspections every hour. The fact is, he couldn't escape without us knowing.

[Another security door. Dr. Stoller and Watts go through, Frank follows, checking out the door as he closes it.]


[Interview room. Woodcock is handed a photograph of the crime scene which he takes in his hook.]

WOODCOCK: So that's where it went. It's a sick picture. Real sick. I know that now.
WATTS: Can you tell us anything about it?
WOODCOCK: Whoever did this, the killer, he's done it before. See, that's a sailor's knot. The more you struggle, the tighter it gets. And this is a fine bisecting cut, it's straight, almost a surgical line. Even with the sharpest knife, that takes a lot of practice. Maybe he worked on animals before. Maybe not.
WATTS: Mr Woodcock, did you or anyone you know have anything to do with this murder?
WOODCOCK: You hear that? [Watts indicates he doesn't.] I don't either. That's because there's nothing there to hear any more. I used to wear headphones, music blasting in my ears. Drown out the voices. I used to scream so I didn't have to listen. But those voices – they could cut through concrete ten feet thick, because they come from the inside. See, I know that now. I wanted you to know. So they could know. I don't have to be here any more.
FRANK: Where did what go? You said, "So that's where it went."
WOODCOCK: I did. Everything. Just everything.
FRANK: I don't understand. Did you have anything to do with the murder?
WOODCOCK: Oh yes. I didn't do it. But it's mine. It's all mine.


[In the reception area. A girl is pulling at the covering of the chair she is sitting on. A man, Purdue, comes over and picks up her hand, looking at her forearm.]

PURDUE: How's my little snake today.

[There is movement under the girl's skin.]

PURDUE: Very active, I see. Let him burrow too deep and you'll never get him out.

[He walks away and we see healed cut marks on her arm.]

[Frank and Watts come through into the lounge escorted by a male nurse, Edward.]

EDWARD: You gentlemen need to talk to anybody else?
FRANK: Not now, thanks, Edward.
EDWARD: No problem.

[Purdue is standing by a small bookshelf with a book in his hand, but he is watching Frank and Watts.]

FRANK: [to Watts] There have been all kinds of precedents for surrogate killers. People with personality deficiencies so severe that they will kill for a more dominant partner.
WATTS: Well, there's no shortage of candidates round here. Woodcock might have come into contact with a minimum security patient who has outside privileges, told him exactly what to do.
WATTS: Maybe that's why the murder seemed scripted, because it was.
FRANK: Maybe we ought to contact Stoller and keep him under surveillance, let us know who he comes into contact with.

[The girl makes sounds of distress. She's using a metal spring she's pulled out from the chair to cut her arm. Edward comes over to her.]

EDWARD: [to another nurse] Get Doctor Stoller. [to the girl Katy, let go. Katy!

[Purdue watches, smiling. Another patient, Bear, comes across the room on all fours.]

EDWARD: Hey, Bear, get the hell out of here.

[Bear crawls quickly towards the girl. Edward intercepts him and puts his hands to the man's face.]

EDWARD: Hey, Bear. It's not your blood. It's not your blood.

[Bear hits him and sends him sprawling, and then lunges for the girl's arm. Frank intervenes.]

EDWARD: Keep away from his mouth. Anything gets in there, it's not coming out.

[More people grab Bear and haul him away. Purdue, the man who spoke to the girl earlier is standing and watching, pleased.]

[Watts, Frank and three other men manhandle Bear into a side room and lock him in.]

FRANK: [to Edward] Sure that'll hold him?
EDWARD: When he gets worked up this way, he would've taken her arm right off.
WATTS: With his teeth?
EDWARD: That's why he's here.

[Frank looks through the peephole at Bear, then looks back across the lounge and spots Purdue who turns and walks away.]


[A rural road. Night. Parked car. A boy is checking a wheel, the girl is using a flashlight to check her nails.]

TED: Actually, Callie, I need the light on the tire.

[She shines the light where he's working.]

CALLIE: It's too cold, I want to wait in the car.
TED: Just five more minutes. I need the light to put the spare on.

[He's got the tire off and wheels it to the back of the car. As he throws it in the back of the car, he hears something in the woods.]

TED: Do you hear that?
CALLIE: Oh, just hurry up, I'm freezing here.
TED: Shine the light over there.
CALLIE: Oh, Ted, we are out in the country. It's probably some big wild crazy animal.
TED: Spare me, Callie.
CALLIE: Well, just hurry up.

[He wheels the spare tire around to the front of the car. She points the flashlight beam at him.]

TED: At the tire, Callie.

[The light goes out, he drops the tire and turns to her.]

TED: Callie!

[She's not there.]

TED: Dammit! Callie!

[He looks around the car and into the woods. There's no sign of her.]

TED: Hey, quit playing games.

[As he walks around the car, he treads on the metal trim of the wheel.]

TED: Dammit.

[He reaches in through the car's open window and turns on the headlight. There's a brief glimpse of someong running away, and he calls Callie's name. He walks back to the rear of the car, then treads on the flashlight. He hears noises. He picks up the flashlight, switches it on and shines the light on his hand – there's blood on his hand from the flashlight. Now he starts shining the light around and shouts again for Callie. Suddenly, someone lunges at him and brutally hits him several times. The boy falls to the ground and then he is dragged out of sight.]

[fade to black]

[polaroid fade up]

[Same scene, next day. Police officers and Frank and Watts. Two officers carry a body bag.]

DET. MUNSCH: Still missing parts of the thighs of both bodies and a hand from her. The way these bodies were ripped apart, I got to think a cayote or something got to them before we did.
FRANK: The tears in the bodies are too precise to be caused by an animal. The killer was very disorganized. This is a target of opportunity. The killer and the victims' paths happened to cross at exactly the wrong moment.
DET. MUNSCH: Mr. Black, you said the other murder was scripted and this one is disorganized. Are you suggesting two different maniacs out there?
FRANK: Yes, I am.
WATTS: The killer of Kevin Galbraith, although highly disturbed, could still integrate into society. He could hold down a job, rent an apartment. Whereas it wouldn't surprise me to see this person walking down the street wearing the same blood-soaked clothing he wore while committing the crime. He is out of his mind, literally. Rationality pared down to an animal state.
FRANK: Bear.


[Back at the hospital in the canteen. Dr. Stoller, Frank and Watts are sat at a table, eating.]

FRANK: I studied Bear's case history. The murders that got him here and the murders that were committed last night were almost identical. Even though they were five years apart.
WATTS: Both sets of victims were couples. Victims of opportunity.
FRANK: The bodies were mutilated. Literally torn apart. The female victims' hands were never found.
DR. STOLLER: Well, certainly is a coincidence.
FRANK: We call that a signature.
DR. STOLLER: Mr. Black, would you expect that a serial killer would exhibit no refinement of his technique over five years, that his environment would have absolutely no effect on him?
WATTS: There have been known cases where killers when released from prison after up to fifteen years, returned to killing in exactly the same manner they'd used before they were confined.
DR. STOLLER: You see, that is exactly the kind of bigotry that my patients face constantly, from every segment of society. No-one seems to believe that counseling, intensive therapy, even medication, can rehabilitate the sick. These people are put in here with absolutely no expectation of ever being let out. All right, so let's get down to it. Why don't you explain to me how he possibly could have done it.
FRANK: Was Bear confined to a side room last night?
DR. STOLLER: No, he was released in time for his group at 5 p.m.
FRANK: Where do they meet?
DR. STOLLER: I believe that last night they had a supervised walk around the hospital grounds.
WATTS: Do you mean that he was actually allowed outside just three hours after he attacked that girl?
DR. STOLLER: Mr. Watts, you're really not qualified to pass judgment on how we treat our patients. Now, I know that things seem to get out of hand once in a while, but there is absolutely no sliver of proof that anyone from this hospital had anything to do with the recent murders.

[Dr. Stoller has taken a mouthful of soup and then starts coughing.]


[She uses a tissue to spit something out of her mouth.]

DR. STOLLER: It's a fake fingernail.

[It's the same color as Callie's nails.]

[Frank gets up and goes over to the counter. He takes the tureen. Purdue calls to him.]

PURDUE: Hey, hey! What the hell you doing?

[Frank takes a colander and pours the soup into it. Along with the vegetables is a hand with one false fingernail missing. Dr. Stoller looks away from the sight with a gasp.]

FRANK: Dr. Stoller, I think you've eaten more than a sliver of proof.
WATTS: We're going to have to talk to everyone who had access to the kitchen, and considering the possibility of Bear's involvement, Doctor, would you consent to his being interviewed.
DR. STOLLER: Yes, yes. Of course. Still, I wouldn't expect much. The last three years he hasn't spoken a word.


[Interview room. Bear is sitting one side of a table. Two staff members, one of which is Edward, stand a little way behind him. Across the table sit Watts and Dr. Stoller. Frank is standing between them. Bear is very tense, sitting hunched, with his clenched fists on the table.]

FRANK: Can you remember what you did last night?

[Bear nods.]

FRANK: At any time last night were you outside the maximum security ward?

[Bear nods fairly vigorously.]

FRANK: You were.
DR. STOLLER: No, you're confusing him. I already told you they had a walk outside last night on the hospital grounds.
FRANK: How did you get those marks on your head, Bear?

[Bear is getting distressed.]

FRANK: Did you kill two people last night?

[More distress.]

FRANK: Did you mutilate them? And tear a hand off as a souvenir? Come on. Her name was Callie. She was twenty-two.

[Bear thumps the table. Edward reacts.]

EDWARD: It's OK, Bear. Dr. Stoller?
FRANK: Is that a yes?
DR. STOLLER: We're done now. We're done here.
BEAR: Heee, heee touched me. Inside me. He take it out. Take everything out.
WATTS: Who touched you, Bear?
BEAR: The boy. The girl. Were mine. Inside me.

[He bangs the table, repeatedly saying "Mine but not me. Mine not me." over and over again.]

DR. STOLLER: Bear, listen to me, I want you to take a deep breath. Relax. Just take a deep breath, let it into your lungs.
WATTS: Try to remember, Bear, it's important that you tell me.
DR. STOLLER: Stop asking him questions. He's not going to answer any more questions.
BEAR: Not me!

[He strikes Dr. Stoller who goes flying. Edward grabs Bear who starts shaking.]

EDWARD: He's having seizures. Bear! Bear!


[X-ray of brain.]

DR. STOLLER: As you can see, the forebrain is slightly enlarged. This darker area by the hypothalamus could indicate a tumor.
WATTS: Well, that could be what caused his agitation.
DR. STOLLER: No, that could be what caused his seizures. His agitation was caused by you two.
FRANK: Well, in both our interviews with Woodcock and Bear, they referred to something being taken from their minds. Is there any experimental program being conducted on these patients?
DR. STOLLER: Mr. Black, these are highly disturbed individuals. You mustn't take what they say literally. And even if there were secret experiments being conducted, I wouldn't tell you. I wouldn't tell anyone.

[She takes down the x-rays.]

DR. STOLLER: These CAT scans were our attempt to explain his delusions. Obviously I have failed.
FRANK: Dr. Stoller. The exact nature of these crimes apply to a minute portion of the population. Now someone in your maximum security ward is responsible for these murders and I don't see it stopping any time soon.
WATTS: Doctor, we know that you are protective of the patients, we understand that, but we have a greater responsibility to protect the next victim.
DR. STOLLER: What do you need?
FRANK: Access to everything.
DR. STOLLER: Come on, you know that's impossible. There are far too many issues of confidentiality.

[She looks at them both, who remain silent.]

DR. STOLLER: All right. There's a group therapy session later on. One of you can watch from behind the glass.


[A room viewed through an inside window. Patients start entering the room.]

EDWARD: Get a chair. Form a semicircle.

[In the viewing room.]

DR. STOLLER: Frank, I know we're doing this for all the right reasons, but deep down I can't help but feel like I'm betraying them.
FRANK: They'll never know I'm here.
DR. STOLLER: I know, but I do. And I always will.

[She turns and leaves, clearly unhappy.]

[Frank turns to the viewing window. The last couple of patients are setting out a chair for themselves.]

EDWARD: Grab a seat. Now does anyone want to say anything before the doctor gets here? Anybody have any good dreams lately. Any bad ones? Come on, people, can't make progress unless you talk.

[He sits down.]

EDWARD: I had a very good dream last night. I dreamt that everybody here was allowed to leave and the hospital was closed down because bad things didn't happen anymore.
WOODCOCK: Your dreams are boring.

[Bear giggles.]

EDWARD: Oh yeah. Well then, why don't you start?
WOODCOCK: I don't have them any more. He took my best ones.

[Frank looks up at this remark and has a vision of the boy's body hanging over the car.]

WOODCOCK: Eddie, when do I get out? I don't wanna die here.
EDWARD: You're not dying. You're going on to everlasting life. Bear, you too.

[Frank has another vision – a mouth, bloody teeth.]

EDWARD: Purdue. You ready to step up? And when you want to, I'm ready when you are.

[Dr. Stoller enters. Edward gets up.]

EDWARD: Doctor.
DR. STOLLER: Good evening, everyone.

[She sits down.]

DR. STOLLER: You're all looking very rested. Joey, would you like to start?

[Frank has another vision – a woman's face, a scarf tied around her hands, a bloody knife in flesh.]

DR. STOLLER: Let's get started, shall we?

[fade to black]

[polaroid fade up]

[Dr. Stoller is in an examining room. Frank enters.]

DR. STOLLER: Well, you found what you were looking for?
FRANK: Not exactly.
DR. STOLLER: Why don't you tell me the signs you're looking for. Maybe I can help you rule out some suspects.
FRANK: The problem is they all have signs. Under the right circumstances and the triggering stressor, every one of your patients will kill again.
DR. STOLLER: That's very bleak.
FRANK: Very real.
DR. STOLLER: Where you see the potential for murder, I see the potential for recovery. I'm not naive enough to think that my patients will ever be model citizens but I believe they can be productive, creative. I think they can be a part of our world.
FRANK: Listen, let me ask you something. Are you missing anything lately?
FRANK: I mean something small – a shirt, belt, something personal.
DR. STOLLER: Actually, I did misplace a scarf a couple of days ago. How did you know?

[Frank has the same vision as before – the woman tied with a scarf.]

FRANK: I think you're in real danger. I think the killer has taken a trophy and he'll use it to restrain you, to tie your hands.
DR. STOLLER: Wow. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean wow like you're amazing, I mean wow like you're crazy. How did you come up with that?
FRANK: You know what. I think you should leave this hospital for a few days.
DR. STOLLER: No, I won't. Maybe you should. Or else, think about checking in.
FRANK: Dr. Stoller ...
DR. STOLLER: No. I won't be intimidated. Not by my patients and certainly not by you. If you require anything more at this hospital, talk to the administrator.

[Frank walks out of the room, while Dr. Stoller collects her belongings. As Dr. Stoller exits out another door, there is a figure standing in the dark, watching.]


[As Dr. Stoller walks down an empty corridor, she hears a noise behind her. She stops and looks back – the corridor is empty. She walks on and into the therapy room where she checks the bolts on a door and switches off the lights. She stops suddenly as she sees Purdue standing there.]

DR. STOLLER: Mr Purdue. What are you doing out of your room?
PURDUE: I couldn't sleep. I have something to say to you. Things I can't say in front of anyone else.
DR. STOLLER: We could schedule an appointment right now. I can see you some time this week. [pause] Tomorrow. [pause] You remember the conversation we had about personal space? You're making me feel very uncomfortable right now.
PURDUE: I know. I want you to really listen to me and pay attention because I'm scared. I don't want to change like Woodcock and Bear and I'm afraid it's gonna happen.

[He's walking slowly towards her and she's backing away, quite nervous now.]

PURDUE: You're the only one that can stop it.
DR. STOLLER: What are you talking about?
PURDUE: They don't dream any more. Did you know that? It's taken out of their heads. Don't let him take it out of my head.
DR. STOLLER: Who, who are you afraid of?
PURDUE: Don't you know?

[Through the window we can see he's very close to her – she's backed into a corner – and he leans forward to whisper in her ear.]

PURDUE: Edward. He's the devil.

[He turns to look across the room and towards the window. There's nobody to be seen. But he turns and walks away from her. After a pause, she also walks out of the room. Behind the window is Edward.]


[Frank has exited into the reception area and goes over to a payphone. He dials.]

WATTS: Watts.
FRANK: Peter, it's Frank. Stoller's shut us down. We have no access to the patients' records any more.
WATTS: I'll pull up the Group's database right now.
FRANK: All right. This is what we need: Maximum security guy. Got a history of knife attacks. He uses some article of clothing to restrain the victim during the murder.
WATTS: You think he's about to act again?
FRANK: You know I do. Listen, my battery's dead in my cell phone, so I'll be waiting here 555-0134.
WATTS: As soon as I know.

[They replace their phones.]


[Watts goes over to his laptop, logs into the Group's database and searches: East County Forensic Psychiatric Hospital – key words – maximum security knife trophy murders clothing]


[Back at the hospital. Purdue is in bed but restless. He opens his eyes – Edward is crouched by his bedside, watching him.]

EDWARD: We have to talk.
PURDUE: I don't believe your lies about life everlasting. I don't much care to live for ever.
EDWARD: That can be arranged.

[Edward strokes Purdue's hair.]

EDWARD: Now, tell me your dreams.


[Watts has found relevant information on knife attacks/clothing or belt used to restrain in murder cases. He looks at Purdue's criminal record.]


[Back in the hospital reception room, Frank is sitting on a chair when the phone rings. As he goes over to answer it, Dr. Stoller comes through the door on her way out.]

DR. STOLLER: Give it up, Mr. Black. We'll all still be here in the morning.

[Frank picks up the phone.]

FRANK: Peter?
WATTS: Got a possible match with a patient named Cainan Purdue. He stalked his victims by hiding in the back seats of their cars. In one instance he used the victim's own belt to tie her to the seat and stabbed her fifty-two times.
FRANK: Peter, are you seeing what I'm seeing?
WATTS: In all three cases, the M.O. are composites of urban legends.
FRANK: Everything old is new again.


[He suddenly hangs up the phone and runs outside. A car is started up as he runs down the outside steps. The car drives past and Frank runs after it, shouting "Hey!" Inside the car, Dr. Stoller sees Frank running after her via her rear mirror and shakes her head as she drives on. The camera pans down and towards the back of the car. There is someone hiding in the footwell, holding a long-bladed knife.]

[Now Frank's car drives off fast, tires squealing. He follows Dr. Stoller's car and catches up with her. He flashes his lights and sounds the horn. Dr. Stoller responds by pushing down more on the gas pedal. Frank continues to sounding the horn and eventually drives up alongside her car. He shouts and gestures for her to pull over.]

FRANK: Pull over!
DR. STOLLER: What are you doing! You're insane!
FRANK: Pull over!

[Another horn sounds – it's a large truck heading for Frank's jeep. He quickly pulls in but skids on the wet road and comes to a halt. Dr. Stoller continues on, shaking her head at Frank's behavior.]

[She pulls into a gas station. An attendant comes over and she winds down the window.]

ATTENDANT: Fill her up?
DR. STOLLER: Yeah. Thanks.

[She hands him a credit card. In the footwell behind her, the knife is moved slightly. The attendant glances in that direction.]

ATTENDANT: This credit card's no good. You're gonna have to come with me to the register.
DR. STOLLER: But, I just used it today.
ATTENDANT: You're gonna have to come with me now.

[He opens the door and she gets out and they walk away from the car.]

ATTENDANT: There's someone in the back seat of your car with a knife. We're going into the cashier's booth, locking the door, and calling the police.

[They go into the office and the attendant locks the door. He picks up the phone and dials. Just as he gets an answer, there's a knocking on the door.]

FRANK: Dr. Stoller!
ATTENDANT: Don't touch that door!

[Dr. Stoller looks through the window blinds and opens the door for Frank.]

FRANK: Did you see him?
DR. STOLLER: No. I didn't see anything.
ATTENDANT: I saw somebody with a knife.
DR. STOLLER: If, if they did follow me from the ward, then they're not there now.

[Frank leads Dr. Stoller out of the office. He gives instructions to the Attendant.]

FRANK: You call the police and tell them to meet us at East County.
FRANK: [to Dr. Stoller] Listen. What almost happened to you tonight matches a crime committed by a patient in your ward. Cainan Purdue. We've got to get to the hospital and confirm he's gone.

[Dr. Stoller's car is still parked there, both driver's and passenger's doors are open.]

[They get into Frank's jeep and drive off, leaving the Attendant staring after them. He goes back into the office and picks up the phone. As he's dialing there is a noise behind him. From outside we see something or someone crashes against the window pane. There's another couple of thuds and what appears to be the silhouette of someone falling. Then blood begins to flow out under the door.]

[fade to black]

[polaroid fade up]

[Back in the hospital, corridor lights go on as Frank and Dr. Stoller enter at a run. There is a female employee standing near an open door where a man is emerging.]

WOMAN: Mr. Johnson, back in your room please.
WOMAN: Dr. Stoller, what's going on?
DR. STOLLER: It looks like a patient might be missing. Have you seen anything?
DR. STOLLER: We have to check every room.
FRANK: Are you the nurse – the only nurse on duty?

[Dr. Stoller is gesturing for another patient to go back into his room.]

WOMAN: Yes, on maximum security. I've been doing the checks ...
FRANK: Which one is Purdue's room?
DR. STOLLER: Purdue's in ward five – that way.
FRANK: Thank you.

[Frank goes in the direction indicated.]

DR. STOLLER: [to woman: We'll split up. I'll go check the therapy rooms. You go check hydrotherapy.

[Another man comes out of his room.]

DR. STOLLER: Mr. Grady, you go back to bed.


[Frank has arrived in ward five. There's an eye at one of the peepholes; a young man looks out from the door of his room.]

FRANK: How'ya doing. Is Purdue – never mind.


[In hydrotherapy, the nurse unlocks a door and enters a room, shining a flashlight around.]


[Back in ward five. Frank speaks to a man.]

FRANK: Do you know where Purdue's room is?

[The man points. Frank knocks on the door and then opens it. Edward stands in the room looking out the window.]

EDWARD: He's gone.
FRANK: Edward, what are you doing here?

[The man Frank spoke to has followed him. Frank turns to him.]

FRANK: Hi. Listen, it's real late. I just want to talk to him. Goodnight.

[The man goes off.]

EDWARD: I was paged. Willow said something about a missing patient.
FRANK: Dr. Stoller was almost murdered. I think Purdue is responsible.
EDWARD: No. We're responsible. Did the doctor ever tell you the story about Rachel?
EDWARD: Two years ago, Rachel, she was a nurse here. To me she was beautiful, just not like some fashion model. She just had this glow inside her and she tried to help people. One day a patient grabbed her while she was making rounds, checking on the meds. He'd took a spoon from the cafeteria and he ground it down until it was razor sharp. Took this spoon, put it against Rachel's neck. Forced her into the side room and made us all watch while he raped her. He snuffed the glow out of her that day. Rachel's gone now. But that patient, he's still here, he's still being treated.
FRANK: Who was it?
EDWARD: E Jacob Woodcock.
FRANK: Woodcock?
EDWARD: Hey, he's not the only one. He's not even the worse one. But still, treatment goes on.
FRANK: What would you do?
EDWARD: I would take it out of them by any means possible or impossible, every violent thought, every sick impulse.

[Frank thinks about it. Edward smiles at him.]

EDWARD: But you know better than me, Frank. I just work here.

[Edward leaves. Frank is deep in thought.]


[Elsewhere, someone approaches a padlocked mesh door with a pair of bolt cutters. He cuts the padlock and opens the door. Elsewhere, Frank is hurrying down a corridor. The mystery man pulls a heavy switch and the lights go out. The emergency lights come on. Frank continues down the corridor. The mystery man pulls other switches, then selects a cable and cuts it. In the corridor, Frank picks up a wall phone but there is no dial tone. Dr. Stoller goes into a room, but the light switch doesn't work. As she's checking around, there are footsteps. Frank enters the room, startling her.]

DR. STOLLER: I thought you were Purdue. Any luck finding him?
FRANK: No. But I think he's attempting to find you. The lights are out, the phones are dead. He's making a real attempt to complete his fantasy.
DR. STOLLER: And that would culminate in killing me?
FRANK: That's my interpretation.
DR. STOLLER: Well, this isn't just for self-preservation but could I suggest we get out of this ward until we can invite some more people to this party.
FRANK: Out of the building.


[They run down a corridor. Dr. Stoller punches in the security code for the door, but it doesn't work.]

FRANK: He cut the power. Use your key!
DR. STOLLER: No. I've got one key, but the night nurse has the other. We need both keys.

[She goes off and Frank follows her.]


[The night nurse is in the hydrotherapy room – there are several bathtubs. As she turns, she sees someone standing behind her. As she screams, a man holds up a knife and then stabs her repeatedly. Her fallen flashlights rocks on the floor beside her body, intermittently illuminating the blood on her hands. Her assailant then grabs her keys.]


[Frank and Dr. Stoller hurry down a corridor. Dr. Stoller walks past the open door to the hydrotherapy room towards the exit, but Frank stops and she comes back. He gestures into the room where the flashlight is lying on the ground. They enter and Frank picks up the flashlight. There is no body there, but Frank steps into a pool of blood. A drop of blood falls onto Dr. Stoller's face. Frank points the flashlight at the ceiling – the nurse's body is up there. Dr. Stoller cries out in horror and rushes out of the room. Frank continues to play the light from the flashlight over the nurse's body which is lying across some pipework. Then he joins Dr. Stoller outside.]

FRANK: There are no keys on her.
DR. STOLLER: Purdue must have them. We can't get out of here until we find them.

[Sound equipment. Purdue speaks into the microphone of the loudspeaker system.]

PURDUE: Listen. Here this. Battle warning for your soul. I will not go down like the others. I do not accept my fate.
DR. STOLLER: It's Purdue.
DR. STOLLER: He's talking from the observation room.
PURDUE: When the devil comes to call, he will tempt you, then threaten every sacred thing and take the rest.

[Edward is walking down a corridor.]

PURDUE: Fight like hell.

[Edward is carrying a bloodied knife.]

PURDUE: He wants the only thing that's ever been worth a damn. The only thing that he doesn't have. The fuel in your head.

[Loudspeaker high on a corridor wall. Frank and Dr. Stoller are running down the corridor.]

PURDUE: Don't listen to his lies. What you get isn't life, it's nothing.
DR. STOLLER: What's he doing?
FRANK: They've taken it from him.
PURDUE: My soul was taken. But something lives on. It's too powerful to die an anonymous death. So I will kill again. But out of self-defense. No lies, no excuses. This one will come from a clear, clean conscience.

[Frank is outside an open doorway. He points to Dr. Stoller.]

FRANK: You stay here. I'm going to check it out.
DR. STOLLER: You're not going anywhere without me.

[The two slowly start checking out the observation room. Dr. Stoller sees someone approach.]


[But someone hits Frank from behind and he falls to the ground. His assailant is Purdue who leans over him.]


[Edward now enters the room. As Dr. Stoller backs away, watching him, he changes into a series of other people – Purdue, Bear, Woodcock, then back to himself. She shelters behind a table as Purdue attacks Edward. As the two fight, she goes over to Frank. The fight continues until Purdue has Edward on the ground. Purdue has Edward's knife and stabs Edward several times – the last time deliberately and emphatically, raising the knife in both hands high above his head and then driving it down into Edward's body. As Dr. Stoller and Frank get to their feet, Purdue gets up and walks towards them.]

FRANK: No. Enough.

[Purdue drops the knife. Dr. Stoller goes over to Edward. Frank kicks the knife away.]

FRANK: Why did you come back?
PURDUE: I never left. It was Edward all the time. He used Woodcock, then Bear, then me. He ate our sins but couldn't digest them.
DR. STOLLER: That's a load of crap, Purdue. You're just trying to build another insanity defense.
PURDUE: No, doctor. Killing Edward was the sanest thing I ever did.

[Dr. Stoller closes her eyes.]

PURDUE: Now I'm going to sleep.

[He slowly walks off. Dr. Stoller pulls something out of Edward's pocket – a set of keys.]

DR. STOLLER: It can't be.
FRANK: The night nurse's keys.

[Dr. Stoller is stunned.]

FRANK: Edward killed her.

[He offers her his hand.]

FRANK: Come on, come on.

[She gets up and sits on a chair.]

DR. STOLLER: Frank. When I saw him coming toward me – his face was – I saw Woodcock and Purdue and Bear – as if they were –
FRANK: Inside him?

[She looks at him, perplexed. He nods.]

FRANK: I don't know. Maybe evil is like matter – can't be destroyed, it only changes form. I believe he had good intentions. But we who hunt monsters, who touch evil, run the risk that evil will touch us. I think he figured out a way to take it out of them, but he couldn't take it out of himself. And that's what I think.
DR. STOLLER: I want to go home now.
FRANK: Come on.

[He helps her to her feet and puts his arm around her as they walk out the room.]

[fade to black]

[end titles]


Lance Henriksen (Frank Black)
Megan Gallagher (Catherine Black)

Also Starring:

Terry O'Quinn (Peter Watts)

Guest Starring:

Melinda McGraw (Dr. Stoller)
Justin Louis (Edward)
Michael Massee (Purdue)
Darcy Laurie (E. Jacob Woodcock)


Amber Warnat (Christy Morris)
Brendan Fehr (Kevin Galbraith)
C. Ernst Harth (Bear)
Michael Weaver (Ted)
Jada Stark (Callie)


Greg Anderson (Det. Munsch)
Tyronne L'Hirondelle (Brennan)
John Callander (Attendant)
Holly Ferguson (Katie)

Music by Mark Snow
Editor: James Coblentz
Production Designer: Mark Freeborn
Director of Photography: Robert McLachlan
Executive Story Editor: Michael R Perry
Associate Producer: Julie Herlocker
Associate Producer: Kathy Gilroy-Sereda
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Co-Producer: Robert Moresco
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Co-Executive Producer: Ken Horton
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Written by Glen Morgan & James Wong
Directed by Allen Coulter

Executive Producers: James Wong & Glen Morgan
Executive Producer: Chris Carter

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