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What is Chris Carter's Millennium?

Millennium was an award winning, hour-long apocalyptic drama series produced in 1996, that challenged the established boundaries of network television at that time. The beautifully shot, dark drama starred actor Lance Henriksen as series protagonist Frank Black, a retired FBI criminal profiler expert who used both his 'gift' and his humanity against the ever increasing presence of malevolent evil within our society, as the world approached the brink of the year 2000.

Throughout 67 episodes spread across 3 seasons, Millennium was at all times thoughtfully and passionately written, filmed and directed by Ten Thirteen Productions, the sucessfull team behind The X-Files. In sharp cutting contrast to the often ominous darkness and violent imagery, Frank Black together with his family and professional colleagues brought a warming light into the series' darkness, set against a hauntingly beautiful emotional soundtrack by composer Mark Snow. Learn more about the show from our Millennium series introduction.

What is Millennium - This Is Who We Are?

M-TIWWA exists to recognise, highlight and show the world-wide appreciation and love that still exists for the incredible talent, imagination and creativity of Millennium's cast, writers and production crew. Both long standing viewers and those new to Millennium will appreciate our ever increasingly detailed collection of Millennium Group-inspired profiles detailing aspects of every episode, cast, character and crew member, complemented by pages of deeper analysis, episode transcripts, credits listings that include uncredited actors, and a collection of both classic archived as well as new Millennium inpired downloads and content.

Besides featuring fan-written Millennium episode reviews and extended analysis in the form of episode articles, we've also integrated a multitude of trivia, facts and background information into the profiles and listings, contributed via our respected and friendly community This Is Who We Are (TIWWA), the largest and most feature-laden Millennium dedicated discussion forums you'll find online, where you can drop by to discuss the series, trivia and references, ask questions or just hang out, catch up and make friends with fellow Millennium fans.

We've also created an inspired Millennium Episode Locations Map which allows you to follow the international challenges of Frank Black and the intriguing Millennium Group.

Don't miss our integrated Millennium Music Guide featuring detailed profiles that include a wealth of information including lyrics, album and song details with music videos all in appreciation for the inspirational music that was featured and used throughout Millennium.

M-TIWWA features factual analysis and in-depth content about Chris Carter's Millennium, and is a modern, responsive platform for fans and enthusiasts keen to remember, learn something new, to come together to discuss, learn and discover much more about one of their favourite and most thoughtfully created shows of all time.

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22nd March 2017 By  Graham P. Smith

The Owl Ouroborus Countdown available in our Millennium Gadget Pack.

Fans of Chris Carter's Millennium television series may be interested to know that we have recently released a new pack of Windows 10 compatible desktop gadgets inspired by the series. The gadget pack requires the free Rainmeter desktop enhancement platform to be installed first.

The gadgets feature images inspired by Millennium, a Welcome Message from the Millennium Group, your name (optional) and the number of days remaining (you can edit the countdown) inspired by the Millennium television series. By default, when first installed each gadget displays the message "Welcome Frank", but the gadget can be easily configured to display any name and count down to any specific time and date you prefer.

The latest version of our gadget pack is available to download free via our TIWWA Downloads Manager here:

Millennium Gadgets Pack (for Rainmeter & Windows)

The pack includes 5 Millennium inspired gadgets, some with extra variants.

  • Frank Black Countdown 2.0
  • Halloween 'Spooky' Frank Black Countdown 2.0 (new)
  • Halloween Pumpkin Countdown 2.0 (new) with 2 selectable variations, animated with flickering candle and standard non-animated version.
  • Lucy Butler Countdown 2.0 (new)
  • Ouroborous Countdown 2.0 (new) with 3 selectable variations including standard gold Ouroborous, an animated rotating Ouroborous and the popular Owls version of the Ouroborous.

Helpful tips on using our new Millennium gadgets

Rainmeter is available from

Here's a short demo video (without sound) of the gadgets in action, showing how easy it is to customise each one. You can display one or more gadgets at any time and with some, change their visual style.

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25th October 2016 By  Graham P. Smith

Millennium print advert for the first episode, Pilot.

Tonight, Millennium and more importantly it's legion of fans and enthusiasts throughout the world celebrate the show's 20th anniversary. The episode Pilot, sometimes referred to as '2000', was first broadcast on the 25th October, 1996.

For those who don't know, Millennium was a critically acclaimed, award winning hour-long apocalyptic drama series, which was produced by the Fox Television Network in the United States between 1996 and 1999. It was based on an original idea by Chris Carter, who of course also created The X-Files and was produced by Carter's Ten-Thirteen Productions.

Millennium's influence on the television industry has been discernible so often throughout the last two decades, especially in terms of what could and should get past the US network censors and the show has influenced many similary themed series and films about criminal profilers, serial killers and the nature of what we perceive to be evil.

For me personally, there will only ever be the original and best, the series that grabbed my attention and imagination, and of course that influenced me to start and run this website for the last fifteen years, which in itself has introduced me to so many wonderful people over the years.

However you choose to celebrate Millennium's twentieth anniversary, or whether you are just watching the series for the very first time, please do take a moment to let us know in our community forums.

Meanwhile, thank you Chris Carter, the incredibly talented cast and crew of Ten Thirteen Productions and of course Twentieth Century Fox for together creating one of the finest, most rewarding and in depth pieces of television ever to have been produced.

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15th June 2016 By  Graham P. Smith

View the full-size version of this original Millennium advert.

Enthusiasts of Chris Carter's critically acclaimed Millennium television series will enjoy a new article entitled Millennium: A Return To Chris Carter's Cult Hit?, written by Matt Allair, owner of the excellent resource X-Files Lexicon. The feature forms part of a series on internet fandoms of the '90s, which also includes previous entries on X-Files.

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4th June 2015 By  Graham P. Smith

In case you've missed the news in our forums, are now taking and shipping orders for the new second volume 2 CD set of the Millennium soundtrack. They've also re-released volume one as a limited 1000 availability for those who missed out on the original 2000 copy release!

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26th May 2015 By  Graham P. Smith

Millennium actor Lance Henriksen who recently turned 75, is scheduled to appear in Manchester, England this weekend at Showmaster's Film and Comic Con, May 30th and 31st.

Visit for more information and event details.

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14th October 2014 By  Graham P. Smith

At the recent New York Comic Con, IDW Publishing announced an upcoming miniseries adaptation of cult Chris Carter TV show "Millennium". The stories will be written by Joe Harris, who also authors IDW's "X-Files: Season 10." The comic will feature interior art by Colin Lorimer and external covers by menton3, series creator Carter will reprise his "Season 10" role as executive producer.

Joe Harris has provided an interview with Comic Book Resources in which he says "I believe our plan is to start with a five-issue series and really re-establish Frank Black, the shadowy remnants of the Millennium Group he once belonged to that turned on him, and which, we think, was dissolved, then gauge the temperature."

Asked whether Chris Cartor will be involved, Joe responded "Chris has been our 'Executive Producer', trusting my vision to shepherd these stories and characters along. He seems comfortable with me, but he's reviewing what we do and I expect I'll know if he's not happy!"

Read the full length article at CBR.

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23rd July 2014 By  Graham P. Smith

We recently heard from Tim Ferrante who kindly made us aware that two of Millennium's guest stars, Jon "Eddie Scarpino Giannini" Polito (Omerta) and Mike "Henry Dion" Starr (Paper Dove), are appearing together in Burbank California later this summer along with numerous other great actors.

These accredited actors will be helping to promote a new book by Scott Voisin entitled Character Kings 2. As Tim says, "It's a rare opportunity to meet and greet these two legendary Millennium guest performers."

Press release follows...

Celebrity Signing at Legendary Dark Delicacies Bookstore

In-person appearance by Character Kings 2 author Scott Voisin and well-known actors from TV and film

BURBANK, CA (July 22, 2014): Scott Voisin, author of the book Character Kings: Hollywood's Familiar Faces Discuss The Art & Business Of Acting (BearManor Media, 2009), will appear with some of the actors featured in his new sequel, Character Kings 2 (BearManor Media, 2014), at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, California on Saturday, September 6th at 2pm. In celebration of its release, interviewees from both Character Kings books will attend and autograph purchased copies.

Scheduled to appear are:

  • Mike Starr (Goodfellas, Millennium, Ed Wood)
  • Peter Jason (Deadwood, The Karate Kid, 48 HRS.)
  • Raymond J. Barry (Justified, Born on the Fourth of July, The X-Files)
  • Art LaFleur (The Blob, Field of Dreams, The Santa Clause 2)
  • James Karen (Return of the Living Dead, Poltergeist, Wall Street)
  • Jon Polito (The Crow, Miller's Crossing, Millennium)
  • Duane Whitaker (Pulp Fiction, Feast, Eddie Presley)

More character kings will be present if their working schedules permit.

About the Character King books Character Kings is Scott Voisin's ongoing book series featuring exclusive interviews with today's most recognizable working actors. The insightful and entertaining conversations are filled with candid behind-the-scenes anecdotes and secrets for building and sustaining a successful career in Hollywood. Tim Lucas, editor of the award-winning Video Watchdog magazine, says, "Character actors are a prized species, and Scott Voisin selects the cream of today's crop. The actors regale us with some marvellous stories of blood, sweat and fate."

Contact Scott Voisin / Character Kings books: Dark Delicacies: 3512 W. Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91505 BearManor Media: Tel. (682) 703-2676

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