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8th September 2002 By Graham P. Smith

Following on from the previous update regarding Millennium on DVD format (just about!) I was overjoyed to read this review of Millennium on the Amazon Millennium DVD Page:

Television‘s Darkest Drama, June 22, 2002

Reviewer: Brian A. Dixon from Tolland, CT United States

Millennium, undoubtedly the darkest television drama produced to date, had no rivals when it came to dramatic storytelling. Both the consistently high artistic production values of the show and its powerful subject matter made this series truly unique in the annals of television history. Frank Black‘s battle against darkness, week after week, stunned viewers on both intellectual and emotional levels. Never before have episodic stories been so imbued with honesty, emotion, exploration and experimentation. Millennium was, week after week, successful on nearly every level of production. Vastly superior to its sister show, The X-Files, this series had no peers. Perhaps too different, too visceral and painfully honest at times, the public seemingly shunned the series leaving only a cult following to invest their hearts and minds in the characters and mythology. Millennium grew over the course of three years into one of television‘s most powerful and unique drama series of all time. As intelligent and artistic as the now famous Twin Peaks Frank Black‘s investigations were continually being shaped by a group of brilliant writers and producers. The show truly deserves a spot in the annals of television history and will always remain prominent in the hearts of its loyal fans.

In case you are unaware, Brian runs the superlative The Millennial Abyss web site. His words describe Millennium exactly.

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