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27th September 2002 By Graham P. Smith

Regular visitors to Millennium Desktop UK will know that the site has become a little claustrophobic as it has reached its current maximum size due to constraints of my ISP's free 15Mb of web-space. After scouring the Internet for some weeks, I am pleased to announce that Millennium Desktop UK will be moving over to its new home during the next few days. I do expect that there will be a short changeover period of disruption as the DNS servers are updated to point to the new web-space. I ask that you please bear with me on this for the 12 to 72 hours max time that it should take to update the Domain name. The website will be available at until the changeover is complete should you wish to visit and the domain name is unavailable. I haven"t done this before so don"t know quite what the effect will be during the switch-over.

I am pleased to announce that the new site will be able to make use of Gigabyte's of paid-for web-space and plans are well under way to introduce some exciting new features including the new Message Board Forum. I will post more updates on this as soon as possible but suffice to say Millennium fans will not be disappointed. A lot of work and creative skills from a "Joint Millennium Task Force" will be bringing you the opportunity to enjoy and interact with Millennium using the latest technologies and facilities that the modern internet has to offer. One the transition period is over and the site checked for broken links etc, work can commence on bringing you the new planned features...

You will also see improved sections of the website and in keeping with my philosophy (not the Selfosophy!) of creating a one-stop-shop for all things Millennium I will be expanding the Millennium Downloads section and uploading all of the Millennium Episode Preview Trailers and video interviews with Chris Carter and Frank Black etc.

May I take the opportunity of thanking you for your support over the last 18 months and for helping make Millennium Desktop UK what it is. Thank you to all of you who continue to contact me with your Millennium thoughts...

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