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20th November 2002 By Graham P. Smith

UK based Millennium fans may be currently unaware of how fortunate they are that Millennium continues to be screened on Satellite Television and Cable. Elsewhere across the planet, Ten Thirteen's Millennium is rarely seen despite the popularity of its sister program, The X-Files. Currently Millennium is screening in Japan and also in Canada on Scream Television. Here in the UK, UK Sci-Fi Channel continues to screen Season Three each Tuesday evening at 9pm with repeats on Sunday night, whilst Sky Digital's Sky One airs a daily episode of Season Two at the most ungodly of hours usually around 02:40am. As mentioned in the 02.09.02 update, UK Sci-Fi have intended to screen all three Seasons back to back for some time but were unfortunately denied the Rights to screen Season Two. Season three of Millennium is to end soon when Sci-Fi show the Season three Finale Goodbye To All That on 17th December. I asked UK Sci-Fi what plans they had next for Millennium:

Millennium is due to finish its run 17th December 2002. I have read on Sky Digital's Customer Service Channel (Backchat Program), UK Sci-Fi's news that they now own the rights to all three Seasons of Millennium.

Can you tell me what plans you have for Millennium as from January 2003 and if at last you will be able to show them all back to back as you have always stated that intention? ' also like to take the opportunity of thanking you for continuing to make UK Sci-Fi Channel the home of Millennium, I and many other UK based fans are very thankful and appreciative.

Regards, Graham Smith

and I recieved the following reply:

Dear Graham,
Many thanks for your query. Unfortunately Sky would not release the rights to series 2 that would have enabled us to screen series 1-3 in succession. The good news is that we have recently smoothed out the wrinkles and acquired the rights to series 2, the production will be screened early 2003.

As far as I am aware the scheduled start date for this series is 14th January at 9pm, although is might change nearer the time. Following this, I would imagine that we might air all 3 seasons in succession, but this has yet to be confirmed.



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