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1st December 2002 By Graham P. Smith

Today I am honoured to make an important announcement to all members of the Millennium Fan Community. Work is now complete on the new Millennium Message Board named This Is Who We Are and as of today, 1st December 2002 the board is now open and accepting prospective Millennium Group Candidates.

For the past three months, the web masters of the most active and successful international Millennium Web Sites have been busy designing and implementing their love and knowledge of Millennium to create the ultimate Millennium meeting place including myself Graham Smith of Millennium Desktop UK, Matt Bunch of Millennium Collections, Brian A. Dixon of The Millennial Abyss and also respected Millennium activist Scott Pugliese.

Millennium fans worldwide can now converge on a single, secure location to meet other Millennium fans, share knowledge and discuss various aspects of Millennium. Designed to accommodate Millennium fans from all levels of interest, is based upon the inner workings of the Millennium Group. New Members are awarded Millennium Candidacy and are promoted through a virtual "Millennium Group" depending upon the number of Posts and Topics created and replied to. Overseeing the Candidates are Administrators known as "Elders" in keeping with the traditions set by the Millennium Group of Chris Carter's TV Series.

Initially conceived and created by myself, offers many facilities and benefits of membership, too many to mention here. Members may participate in General Discussion or discuss various specific elements of Millennium sponsored and represented by the main Millennium websites listed above. Topics include advice and discussion on specific episodes of Millennium, behind the scenes information on the Production Crews, discussion on how to obtain Millennium Episodes, Humour of Millennium. There is even a dedicated area which will present Millennium fan fiction, episodes written by Millennium fans to continue the story of the Millennium Group and its characters. Discuss what you want to see on Millennium DVD or read and leave your thoughts in the inspired Millennium Memorial.

So point your browsers to and join the Millennium Group now.

Meanwhile, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to:

  • Matt Bunch (for creating the inspired Millennium skin, themes and graphics)...
  • Scott P (for keeping us going, keeping us Upbeat! and quality assurance)...
  • Brian A. Dixon (for continued support and Millennium knowledge)...

This is indeed, Who We Are...

We look forward to meeting you in the Millennium Group Coffee Lounge...

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