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12th December 2002 By Graham P. Smith

As Season Three of Millennium draws to its conclusion on UK television‘s , Millennium fans may be wondering what‘s next for the show. The good news is that Millennium Season Two kicks off in the New Year with Season One‘s Finale Paper Dove screening at 9pm on the 7th January 2003. This episode was originally held back by UK UK Sci-Fi Channel due to them hoping to show Season Two immediately after but it was delayed indefinitely due to Sky TV‘s Sky One Channel holding back the broadcasting rights.

The January 2003 UK Sci-Fi Channel Millennium schedule therefore looks like this:

  • Jan 7th 9pm S1 Paper Dove.
  • Jan 14th 9pm S2 The Beginning And The End
  • Jan 21st 9pm S2 Beware Of The Dog
  • Jan 28th 9pm S2 Sense And Antisense

A lot of Millennium fans contact me and ask for details as how to receive UK Sci-Fi Channel. I point out that this refers to the UK version of Sci-Fi Channel rather than the US Sci-Fi Channel. The following information is taken from their site:

At the present time Sci-Fi is available to viewers in the UK, Eire and Southern Africa only.

Within the UK there are two possible ways to receive the channel. Firstly, Sci-Fi is available as part of the Sky Digital service. If you would like to know more about Sky Digital and how to receive it, you can either ring them on 0870 2404040 or visit the Sky website.

Alternatively, Sci-Fi is available from most cable operators. Contact your local cable operator for further information.

  • NTL: 0800 052 2000
  • NTL Dublin: 0035 31799 8400
  • Telewest: 0500 500 100
  • Omne UK: 0800 070 6151
  • Isle of Wight Cable: 01983 291129
  • In Southern Africa Sci-Fi is available via DSTV. For further details visit the DSTV website.

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