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3rd October 2001 By Graham P. Smith

Good and bad news for UK based Millennium fans. UK Sci-Fi Channel on Sky Digital are to begin screening the controversial Season 3 of Millennium on 18th September 2001 at 9pm. As you may be aware, UK fans hoping to see Season 2 continue on from Season 1's finale were disappointed to find that UK Sci-Fi Channel were unable to screen Season 2 due to "Contractual Difficulties".

Frustration is abound but here's an interesting quote from The Sci-Fi Channel on their Forum regarding the matter:

"Re: Millennium (Woohoo!..sort of)
Wed Aug 8 18:46:18 2001
Please see the FAQ page for details of why we haven"t shown Season Two.
We will be providing on this site a brief "last time on Millennium" recap for anyone who wants to know what happened at the end of Season Two and to help them understand the beginning of Season Three. However, as it says in the FAQ, it is still our intention to show the second season as soon as we are allowed to. So, if you really can"t bear to watch Season Three before Season Two, be patient and we will, if at all possible, show all three seasons in order from the beginning at some point in the future."

Many thanks to UK Sci-Fi Channel for purchasing the rights and to their continuing dedication to Millennium.

On a different matter, apologies for the lack of recent updates. My excuse is that I have just moved house and there's always something I have to do or I don"t get fed! I"m off to buy some video tapes ready for the 18th!

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