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3rd August 2003 By  Graham P. Smith

Millennium DVD.

Fox's DVD Box Set Release Schedule for the balance of 2003 has been publicised at, a new Fox Site dedicated to the distribution of their best TV shows on DVD format. Sadly, according to the list there is still no sign of Millennium: The Complete First Season. A 2003 release was banded about the internet by various sites after an online interview with Fox's Peter Staddon early this year. However the slate includes X-Files: Season 8 which is slated for release on 4th November 2003. After the final Season of The X-Files (Season 9) is released, presumably around the start of 2004, in theory Fox and Chris Carter are free to concentrate on the release of Millennium, as recently mentioned on The Millennial Abyss, June 10th earlier this year.

  • Futurama Season 2 - 12.08.03
  • NYPD Blue Season 2 - 19.08.03
  • The Simpson's - Season 3 - 26.08.03
  • Angel Season 2 - 02.09.03
  • 24 - Season 2 - 09.09.03
  • Dark Angel - Season 2 - 21.10.03
  • The X-Files - Season 8 - 04.11.03
  • King Of The Hill - Season 2 - 11.11.03
  • Firefly - The Complete TV Series - 09.12.03
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Season 5 - 09.12.03
  • Mash - Season 5 - 09.12.03