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10th September 2003 By  Graham P. Smith

How do you know when you are watching too much Millennium?

  • You seriously consider buying a red Jeep Cherokee like the one on the show...
  • You legally change your name to "Frank Black."
  • You start sending your neighbour Polaroids of his family in the mail.
  • You look in the phone book for people named "Frank Black", and seriously consider calling them!
  • When you walk into a KFC and ask if your breasts and thighs have been screened for Marburg. (!)
  • You've considered moving to Pocatello, Idaho. Y'know, just in case.
  • You refer to any IT person as a "Roedecker".

These are some of the best responses that have been supplied to 'Polaroid Stalker's' question in one of the latest popular and entertaining discussions at our Millennium Message Board, This Is Who We Are. You might not appreciate them all if you haven't seen all of the episodes of Millennium or you may have a few of your own to add. Think you can do better? Then visit the discussion topic at TIWWA by This Is Who We Are.

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