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15th June 2004 By Graham P. Smith

Alas, there is no inclusion of Millennium on this month's cover DVD from PC Format Magazine.

We first published the news that UK based PC Format Magazine would be carrying an episode of Millennium, most likely the episode Pilot on 26.05.04. The magazine was released to subscribers early as per usual but having frantically searched the magazine and DVD in vain, I have asked PC Format as follows:


... I knew it was too good to be true, especially since the Pilot and most episodes have been issued an 18 rating, I did wonder how you"d go about that on a 16 rating magazine. I see you are hoping to bring us Chris Carter's Harsh Realm next month. Hope you do! ...

The reply was posted as follows:

Guru of the disc, Trevor Witt said:

Ah, Millennium was referred to in the next month page of issue 162, however, because they could only offer us an 18 rated episode we"ve now had to drop that in favour of an alternative show from Chris "X-Files" Carter called "Harsh Realm".

Just to second what Trev said. At the time of going to press we were confident we could get Millennium recertified. We couldn"t and so had to change it at the last minute.

Sadly these kinds of things happen all too often when you work to tight deadlines, we"ll keep you informed as to how things go with Harsh Realm. (Our DVD goes on Friday, and we"re 99% sure it"ll be on there!)

Adam - PCF Editor

Sorry for getting your hopes up guys :(

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