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7th July 2004 By Graham P. Smith

Millennium Season 1 cover art.

I"m very pleased to announce that this site, Millennium Desktop UK will be featuring a full review of Millennium: The Complete First Season within the next few days. We have received the full set of DVD's from Fox UK and are also looking forward to hosting an Official Competition in conjunction with Fox UK, in order to celebrate the show's release onto DVD format on 12th July 2004. We"ll have more details on the competition as they become available.

Vicki (Product Manager at Twentieth Century Fox) who is looking after the Millennium release kindly told us:

"It is always great to hear from fans of our shows - as I"m sure you can imagine, we are really pleased to have the opportunity to release Millennium and glad to hear that there are people out there that share our enthusiasm for this excellent show. We are currently planning to release Season Three on 25th October."

Harsh Realm DVD.

Meanwhile for the many 1013 fans who appreciate Millennium and also share a fondness for Chris Carter's other short lived series, Harsh Realm, Fox UK have very kindly provided a preview copy of Harsh Realm which we"ll be reviewing shortly afterwards. Harsh Realm, which only ran for nine episodes, will see a UK DVD release date of 26th July 2004 and its many ties to Millennium include creator and writer Chris Carter of course but also the wonderful Sarah-Jane Redmond (Millennium's Lucy Butler and Harsh Realm's Inga Fossa) and Terry O"Quinn (Millennium's Peter Watts and Harsh Realm's General Omar Santiago).

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