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10th July 2004 By Graham P. Smith

The Time Is Now - This morning, 2 days before the official release date of 12th July, Millennium: The Complete First Season DVD Box Set arrived via my postman at 9am from! Fans of Chris Carter's Millennium have waited a long time indeed but the reality is that the show is now here with the fans in completeness for the first time, and what a fantastic job Fox have made of it too.

Of course a full review of the UK release will be provided in due course, but first impressions are everything and Fox have done a wonderful job in the packaging and design. The cover artwork and booklet design is superb, capturing the atmosphere darkness and hope of the series in full. This is surely one the best looking DVD's to grace your living room DVD shelf.

Millennium Season 1 contents.Millennium Season 1 contents.

Fox should be congratulated for supplying the 6 discs in a 6 disc-capacity DVD case, as can be seen from the screen shots below. These are much more sturdy and will last a lot longer that traditional sleeves which quickly wear especially at the corners from repeated inserting and removal into a master box.

The discs themselves are beautifully designed and printed. The booklet itself is a wonderful keepsake but more than that it includes actual chapter and scene names for each of the 21 season one episodes.

There was a lot of uncertainty about how much effort Fox would put into this release and to my mind the set was designed to recapture the essence of the show from start to end. Only the lack of more commentaries on essential episodes such as Lamentation and Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions, deleted scenes and the initial promise of all 21 episode teaser trailers (TV Spots) of which 8 are included based on the Pilot could have improved upon perfection. Look out for the full review coming soon with clear screen shots and captures.

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