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20th July 2004 By Graham P. Smith

Fox TV on DVD.

The Time Is Now! American and Canadian based fans of Chris Carter‘s critically acclaimed television series can rejoice for Millennium: The Complete First Season is released today, 20th July. Let us remember Fox‘s Peter Staddon who worked hard at every stage to make sure the series found its way to DVD. From UK fans who have been able to enjoy the excellent sets a few days earlier, we hope all American and Canadian fans enjoy Season One as much as we are! Region 1 fans should look out for Season Two scheduled for a January 2005 release with Season Three to follow during June 2005. These dates are not definite and subject to change. For UK based fans, a reminder that Season Two will be released on 27th September 2004 with the third and final Season Three due 25th October 2004. The MDUK intro page counter will now be reset to count down to the UK‘s release date for Millennium: The Complete Second Season.

Another reason to celebrate today is the 600 Member milestone at This Is Who We Are , the ultimate Millennium Message Board/Forum. Membership has increased rapidly over the last few days and I"m very proud to say that 600 fans of Lance Henriksen and Millennium have joined us. If you are a new Member or are considering joining us, why not visit, register and say hello. It’s simple and quick to register and we"d love to hear from you. This Is Who We Are can be found at Its the ultimate hang out for fans of the show! Also a big thank you for all existing Members and Staff who help to make it the friendly and informative place that it is!

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