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7th October 2004 By Graham P. Smith

Millennium: The Complete Second Season has been released in the UK and as many fans will have now realised, the Making of Season 2 featurette does not exactly speak kindly of the decisions and changes brought about by Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan and James Wong. In fact there is somewhat of a surprise statement at the end of the featurette which points out that Morgan & Wong were asked to contribute but declined to be interviewed.

Discussion on the subject has heated up at This Is Who We Are Millennium Message Board amongst fans and many of those fans including critics and supporters of Season Two of Millennium have expressed the feelings and remorse that Season Two‘s Executive Producers have not commented.

In order to cast some light on the decisions made and feelings on Season Two, which incidentally remains my personal favourite, I"m happy to present a reproduced interview conducted by Paula Vitaris of Cinefantastique magazine which member Libby has very kindly supplied from her collection. This interview should be of interest to Millennium fans.

Many thanks to Libby, Paula Vitaris and the original transcriber.

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